Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Face-off 2012 1st round Elves Vs Moria

The games are under-way, for this battle, Take and hold, either force must secure have more models within 3''/8cm of the ruins by the time one force breaks.


The dice are cast, 6 elves and goblins appear and rush toward the objective. One goblin engages some elves. Haldir, unengaged, moves forward preparing his bow.

Haldir loses two arrows, one hitting a goblin the face, the other narrowly misses. The elves beside him down the goblin fighting them.

2nd turn - Good
two more goblins race onto the battlefield. Durburz leads a small troop around the back of the ruins. Haldir shots again, piercing the goblin falling behind's armour.

On the west side the warrior beset on each other, claiming a goblin life.

3rd turn - Evil

again the forces merge. One prowler's aim is true catching an elf in the neck. Haldir cocks his bow and fires but both miss the mark, while his comrades charge the goblin king.

The elven comrades are forced back but not killed, another elf falls in combat to the cruel goblin axe.

4th turn - Good
The final goblin arrives to the battle. Haldir lowers his bow, draws his blade and attacks the king, his guard engage the nearby goblins.

Haldir attacks the king twice, the first seemingly kills him, but Durburz had blocked the second with his arm(-2fate -1might 1 fate fail). The second onslaught wounds Haldir once but his luck deserts him. Another elf succumbs to goblin blade.

5th turn - Good
Haldir urges his forces to melee again.

Durburz pushes the elf back, but cannot land a blow on him, beside haldir his comrade falls to the pointy spears.

Leaving the elven force broken. models within 3''/8cm of the ruins...

7-3 to the goblins

And tallying other points (22 - 7)

Goblins = 10pts(winning scenario) + 5pts(breaking enemy force) +7pts(no. of models within 3''/8cm) = 22
Elves = 4pts(losing scenario) + 3pts(no. of models within 3''/8cm) = 7

An easy win for the goblins, who go through to the second round against either: Mordor or The Easterlings.
So the next game is between those two, playing Ill met by moonlight.

Until then


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