Sunday, 24 March 2013

Pictures with Byte

More recently I've noticed how my trigger-happy finger has swallowed up a considerable amount of data storage space on my Google account :(

Looking through the various setting on my camera, I realised that I could change the quality of the picture to reduce the size of each picture(in bytes).

Anyway I took several pictures to compare them, not sure which would be more appropriate?

On setting 10M
Setting 9M
Setting 5M
Setting 3M
Setting 2M
Setting 0.3M
I think M refers to mega pixels?

From initial viewing I can't see much difference between the photos, however flicking through them the last picture cannot be blown up, meanwhile in the other pictures I didn't notice too much of a quality change when the number of pixels was reduced.

So in conclusion I might actually go for the 3M setting, I would have gone for 2M, but this might reduce the quality too much, and if It doesn't work out for future pictures then I can always change back.

Until then


Monday, 18 March 2013

Flight at the Crossroads

Aerun sat beside the camp-fire, watching the stars and prodding the embers with his sword. He was a little annoyed considering he had wanted to be inside Minas Morgul's walls by this time, but the new recruits had proved useful in training up his men.
A clinking drew closer in the darkening sky; it was one of the scouts he had sent out.
"Sir!" The scout called "grave news, the goblin horde has exited the forest and is headed our way, moreover a orc Lieutenant Morge is an hour behind them"
Aerun showed no sign of even hearing the news. Then he removed his sword from the fire and stood.
"Call in the other scouts and head for Minas Morgul. We move out soldiers!" He ordered. Maybe if they could evade through the goblin's lines some minor victory could be achieved.

Aerun Vs Goblin horde + Morge (Hold the line)

Spreading and marching
More spreading and marching
Same again

Sort-a surrounded now *evil laugh*
Flankers attacked
Goblins attack
Aerun outsmarts them, not that it was difficult
Attacks hither
And thither
The troll is wounded!
One man down
One goblin down
FYI at this point my Dol amroth Knights had only been part-painted : S
Aerun running as fast as he can
Gondorians injuries
Still running, but pulling away
Backing away from most goblins
Obviously not enough
Totally surrounded
The last spearman removed
Aerun wounded, but saved by fate! (four rolled above)
Morge arrives, mostly to annoy Aerun now that he has sprinted
across most of the field 
He strafes right and hopes he can get priority
The final flanker downs a goblin and is nearly free.
Aerun rushes off the board with seconds to spare!
Giving the Gondorians a minor victory and 200R.

Well the Mordorians were soooo close to achieving a victory, one priority roll and a cunning move decided the entire game.

Aerun gains +1 strength from this encounter, his corporal's gain +1 fight and +1 might, a bowman is promoted to a ranger (thanks to Favour of the court re-roll) and the skilled swordsman is promoted to a citadel guard and gets +1 fate. The ranger and his corporals will miss any battles in the next turn.
Morge gains +1 courage, and the goblin horde lose one of their number whilst another is detained.

Despite the huge advantage in numbers and Morge arriving at the right time, Aerun and his company had escaped. Several of the goblins were tortured for having possible allegiances with the Gondorians, one died as a result of this. While Morge had only flogged his warriors for their stupidity.
Things were getting worse for the goblin horde their fourth consecutive defeat in a row, soon they would learn to steer clear from any warbands, from fear and they would not be able to compete with the Gondorians on any field.

At least they hadn't lost any warriors, and the fields from Cirth Ungol to Osgiliath remained with the Mordorians.

Aerun stopped briefly to catch his breath, he had outran the goblin archers and warriors, two arrows had caught in his mail but caused no substantial wounds-a clunk came from close by. Aerun edged through the undergrowth, until he saw two of his warriors, one carrying the other hastening away from the battle.

"Friends! Where are the rest?" He asked.
The uninjured one replied "...Lieutenant! Sir, they were caught up in the battle, Bereov and the corporals are coming with one of the swordsmen, I don't know where-"
His speech was broken by two men jogging through the shrubbery. It was Theorn and the bowman.

They then settled down for barely an hour before Theorn, the corporals, and a swordsman arrived. At least they were together, and they mended each other's wounds. Theorn had lost his arm, but other than that three of them would miss the battles of the next turn. At a nearby blacksmith the bowman exchanged his heavy armour for a lighter one and donned a cloak becoming one of the rangers of Gondor, one of the swordsman exchanged his shield for a spear and also took a cloak making him a citadel guard.

The group walked for another day through the dense undergrowth, until it started to clear and through it they saw the towering walls of Minas Morgul, they had reached it after all.

Until then


Friday, 15 March 2013

Second Siege of Minas Morgul

Siege roll: 2
Roll on scenario chart: 7

Peasants Vs Vashner (Silence the Artillery)

Vashner couldn't believe his luck. Morge and the goblin captain were west attacking the stranded Lieutenant Aerun, who was supposed to have been residing at Minas Morgul.

Leaving it exposed to attack, he had simply marched his orcs up to the gates and now, Minas Morgul could be claimed!
Vashner had set up a stolen bolt thrower to barrage the gate, it wouldn't break through it, but it would prevent any of the defenders leaving. Of who there were only half a dozen, and even if they all managed to avoid the bolt thrower would be against twice their own number, he smiled through his mangled mouth.
Dengond had fought too hard to protect the city, taking it was too easy....


Six guards patrolling to evade
Moving forward cautiously
Holding for now
The peasants split to double their chances
Sneaking through
So close, failing to get priority could spell the end
Still trying to get past the first guard

This one's out of the way for now, thanks to a good priority
The guard falls asleep! Allowing them to hasten to the engine
Not only is the engine dissembled but one orc is wounded
The wounded orc did not recover thanks to his attentive friends, and the siege was broken.

When Vashner woke there were fights amongst his minions. After breaking them up he found the siege engine broken and disassembled, not only that but one of the bow-orcs was dead. Although they tolled for hours none of the orcs could re-assemble the engine. It appeared as if he would be getting a whipping from the Dark lord. The Gondorians had won, for now...

The peasants sang and drank into the night, they had nominated Bestir as their captain. He had destroyed the engine, or at least taken several of the vital cogs. The orcs would have to wait another day for their revenge.

Their celebrations were broken by a guard informing them of a warband approaching through the undergrowth, the captain ordered his drunk-addled peasants to the walls. One orc warband was  something, but if Aerun had been defeated at the crossroads, they would be unable to hold the goblin horde and two orc warbands...

Until then


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Gondor in Flames Turn 8 other battles

Haldran Vs rogue Mordorians (breakthrough)

Orcs using their brains for once
Closing in
One orc down
The archers fan outwards hoping to outflank
Outnumbering on the plain and holding the orcs on the hill
Well, that was easy
I think my dice may be rigged?
Haldran coming to aid
The orcs shooting, looking for an advantage over the horse-men
The poor orc
More Manoeuvring
One more killed two to go
The orc archer fires true, wounding the rider
Enraged by their friends death, the riders charge the orcs
Their rage pays off, granting Haldran's company a win 
One corporal gains +1 attack, while the other gains +1 courage. Also the company gains 400R from this Major victory.

Until then


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