Saturday, 24 January 2015

Face-off 2014 Final Easterlings Vs Tower of Ecthelion

So, after a series of surprising results and heroics, two forces have reached the final to decide the overall winner.

The Easterlings began by taking revenge over the Mordorian orcs, who were dispatched through lack of co-ordination and heavy armour deflecting the orc blades, despite Shagrat trying to buoy his force by killing a few Easterlings.
They then faced the Serpent horde, Suladan wasn't his usual self unable to cut through as many of the Easterners, so the captain gave no quarter and his men cut down their opponents with ease.

The Gondorians had to charge against a wall of elven spears, the elves behind refusing to back down, or attack much, which meant the knights could be cut down swiftly, but not enough as the Gondorian captain swiftly drove through the last elf levelling the kills made by either captain.
So they went through by virtue of wiping the elves from the field, they then came across an all out siege against the Isengard raiders who solely defended their camp and a lapse in concentration from Lurtz left him disembowelled on the floor. Neither side could rally very well, except one knight who stood alone to give the Gondorians a very close victory.

Easterlings Vs Tower of Ecthelion (Ill met by Moonlight)

Tactical movements.

The Easterlings take control of the pass.

This means the knights have to flank or be killed in the phalanx
so they retreat to defend the pass.

And the Knights charge into the hastily-formed Easterling wall.

Three are knocked bleeding in the dirt,
the captain turns to see this new threat.

And urges his men into the knights, but are attacked at the pass too 

The Easterling captain scythes and slashes through two knights,
as another is brought down behind him to level the kills.

The Knight's captain counter-charges into the skirmish with support

He strikes down two, as his rival only takes down one.
More fighting succumbs three more warriors.

One of the Easterlings has had enough, taking to the wind,
the rest surround the remaining knight.

Surrounded but the knight retains his composure, lancing
one of his opponents in the throat.

Despite their bravery, both Captain see no victory anymore...

And the remaining knight charges, hopefully for the last time.

The other Easterlings are too shocked by their captains departure,
allow the knight to cut through their opened guards.
Giving the Gondorians the victory!

So the Gondorians have gained another close victory. To be honest any of the three forces they faced could have come out on top quite easily. The knights had the offensive advantage, the Easterlings positioned themselves well to prevent one devastating charge, or so they thought. The hastily formed wall should have had spear support, and neither of the captains should be fleeing leaving one or two of the warriors remaining. But still, such is war:

Tower of Ecthelion = 15
The Easterlings = 9

Overall Kill standings
Suladan = 14 (14)
Easterling captain = 8 (12)
Gondorian captain = 7 (7)
Lurtz = 6 (8)
Shagrat = 3 (3)
Erkenbrand = 2 (2)
Dwarf Captain = 2 (2)
Elven Captain = 2 (2)

Based on the results from the killing chart (above) and parts of the battles, the Man of the Tournament goes to Suladan. This is not simply because of the number of kills, but that each other force had to focus on dealing with him in order to win each scenario. Théoden's host dealt with him very well, but his early kills prevented the Rohirrim from winning the battle. The Easterlings also dealt with him well, as he failed to kill enough of them to prevent an Easterling victory. Finally in the Third place battle, the uruks completely ignored him even as he massacred over half their force.

This ends another Face-off tournament, hopefully next time around in March and April, I do some more board work, doing the final two paint coats, flocking and sealing to finish the job!!
Also some actual story based scenario, maybe some Dwarves Vs Goblins, or maybe something completely different.

Until then


Monday, 19 January 2015

Face-off 2014 3rd place The Serpent Horde Vs Isengard Raiders

So, the battle for pride.
The Isengard raiders have the numerical and ranged advantages. Having four more warriors, and the warrior quality means they can wound on 4's not 5's like the serpent guard. However Lurtz is no equal to Suladan, although needing 4's to wound has 1 less attack and no mount, furthermore two less will and three less courage, which could be decisive as the sides will be battling until 25% strength.

If the uruk archers get early kills, then the melee will be easier to deal with, splitting up means the Suladan can overwhelm and conquer, but could bring him down early which pretty much ensures an Isengard victory. The Haradrim need to break the uruk-hai so their courage advantage can turn into a numerical advantage.

The Serpent Horde Vs Isengard Raiders (Meeting Engagement)

Lurtz orders the uruk-hai divide up, cocks his bow sending an arrow
towards Suladan, but it clinks off his armour.

Both divisions prepare to receive Suladan.
He leads a couple away from the hazardous arrows
as the others vault the wall.
One of the guards doesn't run fast enough
and is caught by one of the arrows.
Lurtz and co. smash into the three stray serpent guard.
But the main melee is over here.
The amount of enemies doesn't concern Suladan as he cuts through four
of them, Lurtz smash through a guard and one more fall on either side.
Suladan rides into the trapped warriors.
The uruks here attack and surround.
Lurtz is stabbed in the side bringing a wince out of him, Suladan cuts
through one, while the other rolls away, his guard kills another uruk.
Lurtz senses the tension amongst his remaining warriors
but cannot rally them as they are pounced upon.
Both leaders finish off their opponents, as one
more of their own are killed elsewhere.
Reducing the uruk-hai below 25% and giving the victory to the Haradrim!

Serpent Horde = 15
Isengard Raiders = 9

Suladan = 14 (14)
Lurtz = 6 (8)

Quite a close encounter considering the forces, Suladan was the deciding factor, his early four kills destroyed the chances of him being brought down at all and being split up meant that he controlled the fights in the main part of the battle. This followed from a poor move at the beginning, to engage the straggling serpent guard, gave Suladan the opportunity he needed.

So next up is the final where the Gondorians face the Easterlings in Ill met by moonlight to decide who wins the face-off.

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Face-off 2014 semi-finals The Easterlings Vs The Serpent Horde

The Easterlings have the numerical advantage and are harder to wound, whereas the serpent guard have a better fight value and a special rule although it may not count for much as they can be easily surrounded.
They do have Suladan though, with a high move rate, three attacks, high courage with three will also, and three might. If left unattended he could destroy any chances of an Easterling victory.

The Easterlings Vs The Serpent Horde (Ill met by moonlight)

The Easterlings are in three groups, Suladan stays right of his guard.
He then ruches around the wall, two Easterling groups
prepare to receive him.
But he darts back to the centre where the sides clash,
leaving the Easterlings defending an un-attacked wall.
Then he flies into the cluster of Easterlings, as his guard pin the others.
Suladan cuts through three of the Easterlings, while two
of his guard succumb to enemy blades.
He then slams into another two, as the serpent guard are pounced upon.
Despite trotting over the melee he only fells one, while the
captain also stabs a guard as another as well is cut down.

The captain seeing the frustration behind the enemy facemask,
orders his soldiers into formation to eliminate the serpent lord.

Yet he swings his blade around, parrying all the strikes and slashes
another Easterling. Another of his guard is brought down,
further increasing the margin for victory.
Suladan charges again, and the remaining guard is ensnared by gold.
The golden shields are to much for the serpent guard as he
finally yields to the Easterlings, Suladan only
manages to wound the enemy captain.
Suladan is left alone against too many Easterlings,
as sword and spear are thrust in all directions.
He is surrounded, the captain takes a mighty swing cleaving his body into
Giving the Easterlings the victory!
The Serpent lord clearly made all the difference, making up 5 of their 5 kills. Without a decent backup they were unable to hold off the Easterlings, who were very organised in containing the serpent lord and getting rid of his support meaning he could be surrounded and cut down.
Easterlings = 15
Serpent Horde = 4
Suladan = 8 (8)
Easterling Captain = 5 (9)
This performance projects the Easterlings into the Final where they will battle the Tower of Ecthelion for the Tournament. The Serpent Horde will sadly have to squabble with the Isengard raiders for third.

Until then


Monday, 12 January 2015

Face-off 2014 semi-finals Isengard Raiders Vs Tower of Ecthelion

At a glance, this is essentially a siege. The knights must simply breach the uruk line and break them in a couple of turns, or they will be ground down by the defence bonuses and lack of numbers, but they have wounding advantages if they charge. The uruks have shields and a higher fight value, but the Knights have better courage and move rate (may be an advantage?).
However it's a 50/50 between Lurtz and the captain as either could reduce the other in a turn, through either a better fight value or ease of wounding.

Isengard Raiders Vs Tower of Ecthelion (Storm The Camp)

The knights file out in two groups.
Arrows fly across the field and thunk into a horse,
leaving a surprised knight in the gravel.
The captain orders the charge
while the archers take up shooting positions
Lurtz pushes through the first knight, who is killed by an uruk,
punching into the next nearest enemies, leaving them
both screaming on the floor.
The Knights move in swiftly hoping to take advantage,
Lurtz raises an eyebrow in reverence

This expression coats his face as a lance tears through his body. The
Captain bolts past the uruk shields, stabbing and cutting three uruk-hai.

The knights are not given any room to breath,
as the angry uruks attack in a vengeance.
One knight lunges over the uruk shield spearing it in the face.
While the captain is cornered and brought down unable
to fend off the weird shaped swords.
The uruks couldn't stand the wrath of the knights and flee
 and only one man remains
Giving the Gondorians the victory!

That was all to tight for the Gondorians. It all boiled down to good fight rolls and a series of unlucky courage rolls for the Uruk-hai. Still the charge was stopped, but the damage left them too close to breaking, with one good roll pushing them over and their courage weakness exposed.

Tower of Ecthelion = 18
Isengard Raiders = 12

Gondor Captain = 5 (5)
Lurtz = 4 (6)

Lurtz performed well, until neglecting to use a heroic move which could have prevented the Gondorians main charge and thus the loss...

The Knights move to the Final! Where the face either winner between The Serpent Horde or The Easterlings and the Isengard raiders face the loser in the third place battle.

Until then


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