Thursday, 15 October 2015

Dwarf - Goblin Campaign Epilogue Part II

The goblins were set upon and broken under Snowden's soldiers!
And the dwarves had crumpled the line of rebel skirmishers...
Back to the action!
So the a goblin and the troll turn to the winds leaving only two goblins,
against the rebel companies, who start to turn northwards.
Durburz bellows for his guard to stand their ground as the rebels
surround them, one of his guard daggers a rebel throat.
He subsequently has his legs removed from him by the captain, and the
other two heroes match this by stabbing their respective opponents.
The last two goblin warriors are reduced to one swiftly.
Durburz is assaulted by the rebels, but manages to hold them off.
The last goblin warrior is finished off, and the groups
of rebels march to attack the dwarves.
Mather assembles his remaining followers hoping the other
allies will join him soon.
On the western flank a dwarf is gutted and a rebel brought to his knees.
The captains order their units to reform.
Then Orin orders a dwarven charge!
Slicing, cutting through and bowling over Mather's section. Orin takes
his mighty axe and cleaves the man in two, blood splattering the floor.
The rebel forces march further south in hope of saving their friends.
Durburz twists and dodges the blows and slices, yet the captain jabs
him straight between the eyes, leaving him motionless.
Seeing the last of Mather's warriors flee, the dwarves start to
reorganise themselves seeing the rebels mass before them.
More standing off between these sides as arrows are exchanged.
Lord Snowden and the captain hasten North to re-join their forces.
The dwarves form a small line against the organising mass
in-front of them.
Hatain's company try to subdue the rebels before the shinier rebels arrive.
The shiny rebels are having none of it, and so, attack the dwarves.
Who are still clearing up the other rebels, another group of them
start flanking the main attack.
And so a couple of dwarves are pierced by many shiny rebel spears,
the dwarves respond by cutting down two other rebels.
Suddenly the shiny rebels are everywhere, engulfing the dwarf line.
Now half a dozen men and dwarves fall alike, with the rebels
bettering the dwarves.
Hatain is short of followers, yet the remaining green rebels make a
hasty retreat, leaving things 'slightly' more even. But the shiny rebels
give no quarter and charge again.
Although Snowden stabs the dwarf annoying him, two more shinys
fall to dwarf axes, leaving another of his companies very worse
for wear. Then Hatain slices the nearby captain's arm, bringing him to
his knees and then punches him unconscious.
Snowden calls for his men to hold their ground, yet two bowmen flee.
He charges Hatain to deal with their biggest threat.
Snowden's men charge yet again.
One of Orin's warriors succumbs to the shiny steel, bringing Orin
to question if this battle is winnable.
Orin throws caution to the wind, calls his dwarves to stand fast!
And attacks the shiny mass.
He brings down the two rebels with ease; leaving Snowden's bodyguard
 in pieces. The lord couldn't get the better of Hatain,
who gives him a nasty leg wound.
Three rebels have had enough, along with one of Orin's dwarves, of the
angry dwarf captain. The battle is now very finely balanced.
And the dwarves bring the odds ever in their favour.
Two more rebels fleeing leaves the battle almost in dwarven hands.
Yet another rebel falls to dwarven might.
Hatain has managed to hold of the rebel lord, and Orin hurries to his aid.
Both rebels are quickly surrounded.

Both are cut, sliced and diced to the floor.

The goblins were cut down upon the field, the rebels companies have been either scattered or killed, giving the dwarves the Victory!

Hatain pulled the rebel lord from the floor, he gave a cough and splutter, followed by a gush of blood.
"So tell me 'Lord'," Hatain began. "Who do you serve?" Lord Snowden looked bleakly at the dwarf. The dwarves had proved their skill upon too many occasions this day, and would in the future if the rebels rose against them. He would have to concede this field too.
"I serve you. If you'll have me lead my people as I have done for many seasons?" Snowden responded.
Which left Hatain in a predicament. Snowden couldn't return to the settlement and keep the faith of his people without potential revolts, but killing him would only lead to rebel uprisings no matter who governed these people, unless it was Snowden.
He had won the battle but lost the war...

At this point Orin interjected. "Hatain, the goblin wounded are dealt with, what of the rebels wounded and dead?" An idea then came to Hatain.
"Strip them of all their valuables, the Lord and captains also." Hatain ordered. "Then let them be on their way." Orin looked sharply at the captain, this was ill advised, they could muster up a force to deal with the dwarves easily. But he followed the orders given to him.

Over the course of the next day the injured and dead dwarves had been healed or buried under stones, the valuables of the rebels, in particular Lord Snowden, were loaded into wagons. So both, very depleted, dwarf companies prepared to leave the region and also let the rebel survivors go back to their homes. But as the wagons rode into the sunset, Hatain exchanged some last words with Snowden.
"Say what you will to your people, to keep them under your rule." Hatain said, "but we will return some time; and either you pay for our allegiance or the might of the dwarves will make your people rue this day, when anyone stood upon this field against us." And the dwarf captain turned away; flicking the hood over his head and walking towards the wagons receding on the horizon. Snowden stood gazing at the dwarves leaving.
His people would not take this defeat well if at all.

Until then


Thursday, 8 October 2015

Dwarf - Goblin Campaign Epilogue Part I

It's been a while of dealing while work, exams and slowly assembling this. I hope you enjoy!

A pale light strayed across the green hills arrayed in front of the fort. Dusk had begun. A man arranged in shining armour observed the surrounding lands. He then turned and walked down towards an encampment, two lordly looking men strolled over to meet him.
"My lord, everything is in order." Said the first of the two
"Our scouts report that neither side has called a retreat from the region." Added the second man.
"So it would seem, that they have joined forces to face us?" The man in shining armour asked.
"No Lord Snowden, we think that after the several encounters they had with each other, in addition to the bitter feud that already exists between these people, that joining together would not be in their interests." The first man replied. Lord Snowden seemed uneasy, If neither side was retreating then this meant that they had some advantage he didn't know of.
"Assemble the men then." Ordered Lord Snowden duly, "We march through the plains and southwards to the goblin camp." The first man noted this and concurred so the Lord continued, "Captain Mather will take his men north-west, once the goblin lines have been broken, engage the Dwarf forces and once the goblins are routed we shall join them on the dwarves North-western flank and surround them." The three of them agreed upon this, the goblins were the easier of the two forces to break, why should they engage a force that could hold their ground and allow the goblins a chance to attack their exposed rear.
But as chances were the goblins and dwarves had agreed something. The rebels reasoned that it was better to attack them now, before they had had time to assemble a much more unassailable position, one that could easily go badly for the rebels.

So the rebel forces marched out westwards at dusk. They were lead on the northern flank by Captain Mather, and the southern flank by the Lord Snowden. The plains extended in front of them for a mile; the ground rose gently on the southern edge, and was roughly level in the northern direction towards the original dwarf garrison. The army turned southwards, and when it had almost reached the southern slope a battle cry came from the northern direction.

A single small figure came in view making a very big fuss.
It was a dwarf.
The enemy had arrived.
A man ran down towards Captain Mather's eastern section of the line.
"Captain! His lordship..." He took a moment to regain his breath. "Lord Snowden orders you to turn your companies northwards to guard his flank while he deals with the goblin force."
Mather registered this, sent the runner on his way, and quickly order his unit to turn, also sending orders to his other captain, things had gone a little awry.

At this moment both the goblins and dwarves came into view. The companies lead by Mather marched north down the slope towards the oncoming dwarves, and at the top the hill the goblins attacked Lord Snowden.


The goblins face off the Snowden's companies
And the dwarves skirmish with the Mather's companies
Arrows and spears fly on either side taking down one on each side.
The goblins charge and shout at the men advancing towards them.
Although the sides haven't closed in yet the killing is
effectively reducing the dwarf numbers.
Two more dwarves are taken by the arrows!
Goblins and men clash against each other, and results in the troll
squishes the nearest man beneath his club!
All the goblins and men in the south end up fighting each other again.
More skirmishing in the North
But blood is spilled in tides upon the slopes,
three rebels falling to the five goblins.
So the goblins fall back up the hill, while Durburz
boldly continues fighting with his flank exposed.
Meanwhile the rebel archers have been making their way
up the eastern side of the hill.
Northwards, the dwarves catch the rebel skirmishers and
cut a couple down to only one loss of their own.
The dwarf archers volley into the mass of rebels charging towards
them, two leave rebel blood dripping on the ground.
Greszif and his goblins are surrounded on the hill top.
A couple of goblins detain the lord Snowden while Durburz
and his guard fight a losing battle
With kills coming on either side, the clansmen company
are looking worse for wear.
The dwarves charge into the rebels trying to back off.
And they find more men attacking than they were expecting.
Hatain smashes up two rebels, Mather takes a nasty but not fatal cut
on the arm, two other rebels succumb to the dwarves too.
Mather tries to reorganise his men, but the dwarves attack swiftly again.
Southwards the goblins have now been engulfed.
And Durburz is running out of time, and goblins to engage the rebels.
The killing has taken it's toll on his the goblin army and some
start to think of retreat.
The troll had had enough of the shiny men, so grabs the nearest captain
and one of his men to beat the lights behind their eyes.
Greszif also falls under the weight of blades along with three other goblins.
The dwarves fare better cutting down three rebels.
So they attack aggressively again.
And another three rebels fall under the dwarven axes! Mather can
barely take the sight of his men falling like wheat in the wind...
With the Rebels' northern flank wavering and the goblins making their very last stand in the south, the battle is coming to a conclusion.

Previously during the night at the fort:

Both Durburz and Greszif were restless. The dwarves had sent a messenger back, and had told them that they would fight, for a battle at most, with the goblins and then settle their squabbles afterwards.
This troubled the goblins, as the dwarves could easily double cross them. So they had sent a few scouts north-west. These scouts had been discovered by the rebels and the general had sent a small company of brave men to tarry them; in hope of finishing them off and the Other goblins would turn around retreat before the battle had even begun. 
This would leave the dwarves remaining, against the far more numerous rebel army, which could only go one way.
However Durburz had then ordered the scouts to make their way southwards, detaining the rebels in the hope of routing them before the actual battle.
This was when the dwarves showed up and scuppered the rebels' plans.

Until then


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