Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Present arms!

Here's some work on the Gondorian spearmen, being converted into Citadel guardsmen.

The idea I had was to put a cloak of green stuff over it.
Simple but seeing other people's attempts with cloaks, firstly were very good, but often they would make the wearer look very bulky around the shoulders. So I decided to file down the shoulders, and arm on the left. Like:

The main problem is the shields, or the ones they had, eg. ^^.
The cloaks will have to cover them, or the guards will look ridiculous will a fraction of a shield beside them.

Off wiv dem heds

So they don't all look alike, beside spear positions, I choose to tilt their heads, this means chopping them off so:

This does allow a better cloak application in the future, which will help.

Next time you'll see these guys is before they are sprayed, and after glueing and sculpting.

Until then


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