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Gondor in Flames turn 15 other battles

Riders of Rohan Vs rogue Mordor (control)


An orc takes a head-shot from the rider
both sides closing in on the objectives
Looking outnumbered here, and the riders engage by the house
where a throwing spear claims another orc
Two orcs downed
The riders here trampled any orc resistance
Giving the riders of Rohan a major victory 6-0 and 400R!
The riders claimed 4 objectives to the orc's 0, +1 for breaking the orcs, +1 for having no friendly models killed or injured

The captain called of the attack as several orcs fled into the wilderness, he then trotted up to a circle of his men, they had captured the rogue orc captain.
"Tell me scum!" Taunted the Rohan captain. "What causes you to suckle at the underbelly of Gondor uninvited?" The captain didn't actually care, he was just looking for a reason to kill this orc, and find out any information he might have.
"Straw-head! The dark lord will have your guts!"
"Of that I doubt, his armies are disbanded!" He dismounted and kicked the orc, who writhed in pain. 
"Beware horse-tamer! I am not his vassal, his armies may disband, but his intent remains the same. He has only struck out once, but you are confident he has lost!" 
And an eerie wind flee upon the riders, none could respond to such darkness. The orc used this opening to give a loud laugh, at which two riders had to steady their horses.
"You lose heart man-filth! The loss of your precious General is your downfall!" The orc bellowed. The Rohan captain drew his sword and stabbed the orc in the throat.
"It was just wind men!" He re-assured them, but he knew that their spirits had been dampened, more than enough....

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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Battle for the second crossing

Rathin was the second most successful leader in all the evil armies, since he forced a draw against Mainz, his men respected him for that. But now they could easily face their own slaughter. 
At least if they continued in the same way, which is where Rathin had struck gold.

The southern settlements were not at risk if the Gondorians were occupied, so they had to gain passage south, and there just so happened to be a bridge south of their position. Mainz had also discovered it's whereabouts and his intentions, they just had to get there before he did...

General Mainz Vs Lieutenant Rathin (The raging river)

The Haradrim must get 1 or more models across the southern board edge for a victory.


The archers switch sides allowing Mainz to block the bridge
Or so he thought, Rathin and a corporal hold the Gondorians
But they carve straight through them
The bridge tenses under the weight of the men as Mainz urges his men to attack
And Thuralion strikes well
But the bridge collapses with so many on top of it!
Giving the gondorians a minor victory and 200R

In the Gondorians camp Thuralion and Kator (CG 4) are recovered from the river with no wounds, Mainz on the other hand was washed up half a mile downstream, dead.
Urthor is promoted to Corporal (+1fate) and Thuralion to Lieutenant (+1might and will). Thuralion gains +1strength, Sanas gains the Courageous special rule, Kator gains +1 wounds, Urthor gains +1 courage.
Luthyre takes up the role as General (+1 will and banner special rule), the second in command is yet to be decided.

In Rathin's camp he and Cpl G will miss the next turn, the other two recover from their injuries. The Haradrim warrior goes on unpromoted.

Rathin and his three followers had managed to rest at the edge of the stream just below where the river met the mountains of shadow.

"So tell me good news" asked Rathin jokingly. Jokes were about the last thing they possessed.
"Mainz is dead." His corporal informed him, and Rathin sat upright."Sir?"
"What?! But how?" Rathin actually sounded sincere, he only joked about good news since it never came. But now some had come, yet he felt for the Gondorians.
"This is the opening that we need! Who has replaced him?"
"This is bad too, but..." Rathin paused suddenly. "North men! We must march north!"
Maybe Dengond and Aerun could be sandwiched between the Haradrim and orcs alike....

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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Second attack on Cair Andros

Warning this post contains over forty photos

Lieutenants Luthyre and Nethar Vs Lieutenants Keresk, Corgoth and Anersk (Until Submission)


Bowen(Cpl D) is on target
Another well aimed arrow this time from the warrior
and the bow-corporal is downed early!
Closing in on the barrier
Bowen proving his skills as an archer
Both sides of the barrier engage
One peasant punched out of the way
and the spear corporal fails to avoid the attack of the orc
More attacking
Krugluk(Anersk's corporal) pushes his way over the wall
Nethar and spear-corporal manage to wound each
The three orc heroes fail their courage tests and flee, leaving the last orc
having to survive another turn so reinforcements will turn up

The spear-orc survives the first assault

Nethar attacks the orc, hopefully for the last time,
while the others prepare for reinforcements to arrive

The corporal clobbers the final orc before the reinforcements can take
advantage of their disposition

Yet Keresk and Corgoth will still have some advantage

Nethar and co. sprint to defend the northern barriers as evil marches closer

Keresk jumps the hedge, only to be met by Nethar,
Dareos and Warsh flank to the eastern entrance,
The others vault over or attack the main barrier

Corgoth pommels the bowman to the ground, Nethar strikes Keresk's good
arm letting it fly through the air, and leaving Keresk head-first in the mud.

The gondorians helplessly try to keep the orcs and men from the walls,
Dareos and Warsh gain access through the east entrance

Then Luthyre's company arrives

The orcs and men clamber over the wall in fear of Luthyre and his stead

But they should be in more fear of his supporting troops

Bowen dodges Corgoth's attacks and stabs the Lieutenant in the eye

The orcs have the Gondorians surrounded, Luthyre flanks to the east entrance

Warsh crushes the peasant, Bowen strike Flaneen only to find his
blade far from the target

Luthyre's forces are held at the perimeter,
while Nethar's company are surrounded further

Luthyre downs the archer, while a ranger is cloven by an orc and a
swordsman is wounded

Luthyre is held at the entrance, Nethar, Bowen and the corporal are
surrounded, again

Pasor and the ranger split orc alike, while Bowen is wounded

Luthyre charges into the spearmen, the corporal into the wargs,
and the rest of Luthyre's company at the wall

The serpent guard finally gets the better of Bowen,
Luthyre downs another Haradrim, and the serpent guard wounds his
opposite number

The evil attacks are weakening

The attacking took it's toll on the ranger

Luthyre and Nethar surrounded

Yet his horse kicks out at the spearman

Luthyre then charges launching his spear cutting through Dareos' stomach,
then canters into the wall defenders. the others follow his lead attacking
as many orcs or men as possible

Luthyre arcs his sword cleaving into all three of his opponents

He then attacks more orcs, the resolve of then is breaking

Yet Warsh provides some resistance
Flaneen takes flight!

Leaving the others to fight the hard battle

Luthyre gets greedy and charges two orcs, leaving Nethar to corner another

Luthyre carves the Corporal, and Nethar wounds the cornered orc

And the others flee! except the last orc who concedes this battle.
Giving the Gondorians a minor victory and 200R!
Anersk retreats across the Anduin with the others north-east

In Cair Andros the killed ranger was buried

Nethar, Yaion the unpromoted bowman gain +1 wounds, Luthyre gains +1 strength and the Blade master special rule, Pasor and Bowen gain +1 fight, such that Bowen reduces his to hit score to a +3, CG 6 gains +1 courage.

In the Mordor camp Cpl B and MO 3, W 33,41,42 will miss the next turn.

Planeen gains +1 wounds, a bow-orc is promoted(+1 fate) to an orc tracker and Cpl B gains +1 attacks.
A massive 10 warriors were killed, six were heroes, two corporals, two Lieutenants.
Also a reform was taken to address the structure of each of the companies.
Keresks's company is disbanded, Warsh is granted the rank of Lieutenant(+1might and will). Anersk was demoted(-1 might and will) to Corporal and Krugluk took his place as Lieutenant (+1might and will).
Flaneen and Planeen(+1 fate) became corporals in Warsh's company, W 33 is assigned to Krugluk's company and HW 1 also became part of Warsh's company.

"So, did I come in time?" Called Luthyre.

"Fortunately for you, yes." came from Nethar.
"What of the orcs, are they fleeing north?"
"Who knows, but we have more important things the attend to."
"Such as?"
"The yearly meeting of the General, Lieutenants and Corporals." Nethar said surprised. "The steward must have informed you?"
"I'm more concerned with the dispersion of the dead scummy orcs! Quite literally." He added
At that point the first scout arrived back.
"Sir, the group of orcs heading north servery depleted they remain camped in. The group headed south are travelling much slower."
"So, we haven't forced Anersk over the Anduin." Thought Nethar.
"And I bet Corgoth and Keresk's forces are reassembling at the black gate" Added Luthyre.
"No, Both Lieutenant's were killed in the attack. Anersk is still strong thought."
"Actually sir, Anersk is no longer leading his company, Krugluk his corporal took over." The scout interrupted. Both lieutenants looked at him, but said nothing until.
"Depleted? The remnants must have combined forces. We are dealing with a new leader." Nethar concluded.
"At least they're not going anywhere" pointed Luthyre.
"And neither are we by the looks of it" said Nethar with a pale face as he read the letter that had just come in.......

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