Friday, 29 June 2012

1st - 5th Rounds Tallying and Tables

The previous games:

Moria vs High king (5-6)
Rivendell vs Minas Morgul (9-1)

Which makes the tables like:

Name  Pld    F    A   +/-   Pts
Rivendell 5 28 10 18 17
Minas Morgul 5 25 18 7 17
High king 5 15 24 -9 8
Moria 5 14 30 -16 8

And the kill tables

1. Elendil - 25
2. Troll - 16
-  Orc Captain - 16
4. Numenor Captain - 15
5. Elven Captain - 14
6. Durburz - 8
7. Grishnakh - 2
8. Ringwraith - 1

The troll and orc captain just managed to retain their places, both getting 3 kills, the Elven and Numenorian captains both killed 8 in their previous game, both clearly aiming for second/third places. While the man killed more warriors, the elf killed Grishnakh (= 5 kills) compared to the man killing the troll (=3 kills) which is a lot harder. Mean while Grishnakh and the ringwraith are bottom with a combined score of 3.

Anyway I hope that gives you an idea of the forces places relative to each other

Until then


SBG tournament 5th round Rivendell Vs Minas Morgul

The final three games to go and here's one, the battle for the top.

Normal setup and teams 

1st turn - Evil
Both forces move forward, the orcs rushing off the ridge, Two orcs trip and marks the stones below with orc blood, the other merely laugh. The elves are more careful, coming down off the walkways.

The Elven bows sing, putting down two more orcs.

2nd turn - Evil
The Orc captain readys his warg which jumps easily over the wall, both then directly assault the nearby elves. The Elven captain move to combat near the woods below.

Once again the Elven bows claim an orc life. The Orc captain fares just as well, losing his prized warg to the elven spears.

3rd turn - Evil
The forces beside the woods collide allowing a melee to break out.

The elven bows pierce two more orcs, Again the orc captain is defeated but only takes a wound which is saved by fate. The melee results in an elf and orc being felled.

4th turn - Evil (again!)
Grishnakh charges the elven captain eager for blood. And a brave lone orc marches into the elven archer to stop their arrow storms.

The elven captain blocks Grishnakh's attack with ease(-1might), then swipes his head off clean (he got three wounds, one was removed by 3might + 1fate points), elsewhere 2 orcs and an elf are felled.

5th turn - Good
Combats are issued again the Elven captain launches into the mob of orcs, and his elves fight strategically everywhere else, hoping to gain momentum.

The elves gain the advantage, by killing 3 orcs with no reply from the opposition force. The captain kills one and attacks the banner, but is pushed back, The orc force is near breaking, and it's captains are either dead or to far away from the main force. Btw I forgot to take a picture of the other orc kill.

6th turn - Good
The forces beset on one-another again.

The captain's troops slice through another three orcs, to the response on a single elf. The orc captain is forced back once again.

7th turn - Evil
The orcs are broken, several flee in terror, leaving a handful brave (or stupid) enough to face the elves.

The orc captain finally prevails killing two of his opponents (-1might), The other captain could not match his score, but still kills another orc along with one of his comrades.

(ouch! I didn't think it would be that blurry)^

8th turn - Evil
Five more orcs flee from the battle, either coming to their senses or scared. The Captain orders his kinsmen towards the other captain, the last enemy.

The captain wins but fails to pierce the elven armour.

9th turn - Evil (on a roll with priority the evil force)
The captain loses heart at first but gathers himself to face the elves. He loses but no wounds are cause onto him.

10th turn - Evil
The orc prevents being surrounded (but can still be trapped) moves into the corner. The elves move onto him again.

He batters the spears and blades aside, and stabs one.

11th turn - Evil
The elven captain prepares to attack the orc, but he flees the field before he can engage him.

Leaving the Elves with a total victory, they only suffered five loses, and only had priority for 2 of the 11 turns!
This proves that you don't need priority to win, only a force of elves.

Anyway the score 9 - 1 !
  • Rivendell = 3 + 3(Grishnakh killed) + 3( 1(breaking orc force) + 2(not being broken)) = 9
  • Minas Morgul = 1

and the kills

  • Elven captain = 8(Grishnakh =5)
  • Orc captain = 3
  • Grishnakh = 0

Sorry for all the pics, the ones which I would use show too much shadow, and not all of the models clearly.

Well I'll post the tallying and tables for the previous five rounds, so you (and me) can get an idea of how each force is doing, and who could win?

Until then


Sunday, 24 June 2012

SBG tournament 5th round High King Vs Moria(+Nazgul)

We're coming to the end of the tourney with 8 out of 12 games played. The 'League' table is clearly split, The Numenorians and goblins are battling over third place, and the elves and the orcs over first place. This round, the Men fight the goblin hordes, and the orcs duel with the elves.

Last time the High king's army fought the goblins, they were savagely beaten, due to lack of numbers (I knew I shouldn't have put in Elendil :( ). This time nothings changed, the bar is set higher. If the Men lose, all pride will be taken away with no wins at all, only a win will keep them within reach of the other teams. On the other hand the goblins are within reach of second place if they win both upcoming battles and the elves lose both.

Anyway on to the battle! The forces are set up as below:

1st turn - Good
The Men form a barricade to take advantage of the barrier rule. The goblins rush forth towards the opposing hill.

2nd turn - Evil
Again the goblin warriors rush ahead passing the trees. The men hold their ground trusting the rocky ridge will hold the oncoming horde.

3rd turn - Good
The men prepare to embrace the charge of the goblins. The goblins rush against the ridge, Elendil feels a magic grip his heart and is forced forwards, the minions surround the high king.(Nazgul got 4, Elendil rolled a 1)

The ensuing combat is a battering of shields, the goblins forced back. Elendil is not so lucky, receiving two wounds (and he failed his fate point). The Nazgul scowls beneath the opaque hood.

4th turn - Good
Elendil pounces upon the cursed spirit, eager for revenge. The goblins assault the ridge again, and the troll moves behind the Battle line, only to be intercepted by a Numenorian warrior. Also two Numenorians move to aid the king.

Elendil Swings Narsil around covering his back, cleaving a three goblins, then stabs the wraith in the heart, who crumples into nothingness. The goblin king has to back from his opponents but is unscathed. The Numenorian captain takes a spear to the arm, but his mail shifted the spear tip away from coming through his arm (-1 fate and might). Two men fall, one to the troll, the others taking two goblins.

5th turn - Evil
The troll attacks the men holding a line atop of the ridge, also trapping the captain, the other goblins mob on lone men. Elendil can only watch as the goblins assault the beleaguered men.

Elendil cuts down the goblin in-front, and rushes into the swarm felling another two goblins. The goblin king losses his combat but not any wounds.The Numenorian swordsmen attack the troll with surprising ferocity, leaving the troll with two deep cuts. The captain kills the goblins attacking him. Things are looking better for the Men.

6th turn - Good
The captain summons his men to attack the troll, one freezes in terror, he is attacked by goblins. Elsewhere a Man rushes over the wall, but lands on his face, he is also beset upon.

Both kings kill their immediate opponents. Elendil kills 3 (-3might), Durburz kills 2 (-2might). Elendil races towards Durburz, although he backs away his armour prevents any injuries. The troll squashes a Numenorian, and wounds the captain. The evil force is broken, the Men are nearing half strength too.

7th turn - Evil
The captain calls for the men to act quickly, Elendil charges the opposition king. This makes three goblins flee for their lives. The goblin king and his followers surround Elendil, The accident prone Man charges to save the fate that might befall him.

Elendil attacks the goblin twice but fails to kill him(-1 fate Goblin king),The troll kills another Man, and Elendil's saviour is slaughtered, his last action of devotion to his king killed him. Leaving the Men broken.

8th turn - Evil
Durburz calls a Stand Fast! the troll engages the captain alone, the goblins swarm the king.
The Numenorian Captain gives his strength to face the troll, who stumbles, allowing the captain to pierce the beast for it's third and final time. Elendil losses his battle and crawls over the ridge, to safety?

9th turn - Good
Elendil stands upon the ridge, his men behind gang upon the few goblins. Durburz summons his minions over the ridge, where they attack the king.

The captain fells the goblin beside him, Elendil twirls and blocks all oncoming attacks, except a single spear that cuts deep into his armour. Durburz is angry he could not kill the king.

10th turn - Evil
The king strategically moves his followers.

But Durburz fails to wound his enemy, but the captain kills his opponent.

11th turn - Evil
Once again The forces assault each other.

Again the captain kills his opponent and the king fails.

12th turn - Good
The forces set upon each other with no event.

13th turn - Evil
Both leaders struggle to rally their followers. But neither side has an advantage.

14th turn - Good
Both sides attack again. The king takes a cut to his torso, and his last minion is cut down.

15th turn - Good
The captain loses his heart and flees the field. His soldiers stand their ground against the king who assaults them, buy to no avail.

16th turn -Evil
The king Turns tail and runs as fast as his short legs will carry him! One man flees the other keeps his heart. and earns the victory for his kinsmen!

The goblins return to their holes in fear. This means the men have finally taken a victory over their adversaries!

The score 6 - 5 of the High king

  • High king: 3 + 1(breaking opponents) + 2(heroes/troll killed) =  6
  • Moria(+Nazgul): 1 + 3(Elendil killed) + 1(breaking opponents) = 5

Also Elendil gains Blessed by the valar (+3pts) in his heroic escape of the Nazgul and crawling to safety.

Also if your interested the heroes kills:

  • Elendil = 12 !
  • Numenorian captain = 8
  • Troll = 3
  • Goblin King = 2

The Men have kept up with the goblins and the goblins will no longer be able to come second. This leaves the final battle of the 5th round Rivendell Vs Minas Morgul.

Until then


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