Saturday, 28 July 2012

Face off 2012 teams analysis + photos


The choice between Theodred and Eomer would be simple, but I just couldn't wait to try out Theodred since I'd painted him. The four guard provide supporting muscle with the bodyguard rule. A bit pointless, but it could be useful. and with the spare points three Rohan warriors with throwing spears.


The serpent lord is by far the best possible choice for a leader, and not because their aren't any Haradrim non-named heroes below 100pts, with three attacks, wounds, might, will, few could contend. Followed up by six of his guard, with poisoned blades rules. Maybe he has too few.


With only One named hero (apart from Khamul) Amdur is the obvious leader, He has a fight value of 6 surpassing most other leaders and he may retain some might points by killing enemy heroes. joining him are 6 Easterlings (well there wasn't much of other choices) only one has a spear. Again not many warriors here.


Faramir leads the charge here. wrapped in heavy armour, he should be a deadly adversary, and joined by 6 guard of the fountain court, with shields, his guard will find little difficulty  outmatching opponents, there number could prove unsatisfactory.


Haldir leads here with bow and expert shot, to deal with lightly armoured enemies, as if fight value of six wasn't enough. And he is supported by seven High elves with blades. Quite a good force I think.


Durburz was the natural choice for leader, although he will be of little contest to others. He is followed by eight prowlers, to deal with heavy armoured troops, and 8 Moria goblins, none have bows,  to swarm over enemy units and assist Durburz. I kind-of cheated here, they have more that 13 models, but goblins aren't exactly expensive.


The formidable force, Shagrat with shield, controls with a strength of 5 (highest in games), and might of 3, which is average. He has 11 morannon orc minions with shields, and 2 have spears also. A large number of good units, although their leader may let them down.


The final team of a Dwarf king, and eight dwarf warriors with shields. A tough one to beat, though their stumpy legs may let them down. Again cheating a bit by having a non-named hero, however It was him or Gimli.

That concludes the teams, analysis and photos. Now with the rules.

Along with other rules from LOME, points are awarded for:
  • Winning scenario (10pts)
  • Losing scenario (4pts)
  • Drawing scenario (7pts)
  • Killing enemy leader (3pts)
  • Breaking enemy force (regardless of scenario)(5pts)
  • Winning every priority roll off in battle(2pts)
  • Tactical move (4pts)
  • Killing spree (kills five models in two turns)(5pts)
This is added to the end scores of objectives etc. etc.

Until then


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