Gondor in Flames, winners, profiles and stats

Nominations Best Performance

  • Gerthil(1st): Managing to keep up exp. with Mainz' corporals despite having harder battles, also due to the kills from his accuracy with a bow.
  • Tangold(2nd): Took over command of Haldran, but even though he lost, he fought better during the battles after.
  • Thuralion (notable mention): Simply because of the exp. he gained from Mainz' wins.
  • Mainz(1st): He kept an unbeaten record, the joint most battle experienced leader, secured three settlements, earned over 3000R from battles.
  • Dengond(2nd): Joint most experienced leader, His company formed heroes such as Luthyre and Gerthil. Never lost a battle to the Mordorians.
  • Rathin (notable mention): Held Mainz off from the main battles northwards, despite having a reduced company, and eventually killed general Mainz, even if indirectly.
  • Goblin captain(1st): Joint most experienced leader, secured Osgiliath while battling two companies, prevented a co-ordinated attack from the Gondorians.
  • Luthyre(2nd): Due to the number of kills, 32, the joint most experienced hero, for co-securing three settlements, and his timely aid in the second attack on Cair Andros.
  • Aerun (notable mention): Although he has never proved a lot individually, he has aided Dengond and Luthyre at key points, even gained victory in spite of numbers.
I would have included most shocking deaths, dice rolls and moments, but there weren't that many!

However if I had to pick one moment that encapsulates the entire campaign...

It would be The first battle between the two factions, the Goblins going in as favourites, Yet Dengond and the peasants pulling off a major victory, at little expense.

Below are the the profiles of the main characters in the campaign:

                             F   S D A W  C  M W F     (20pts)
Corporal Gerthil 4/3+ 4 5  1  2  4   1  0  1
Hand weapon, bow, armour

                             F  S D A W C  M W F     (75pts)
General Mainz     5/- 4  7  2  2  4  1  2 1
Hand weapon, shield, heavy armour
Soldiers of Gondor! - All friendly models within 3''/8cm of Mainz count as though they are                                 within range of a banner

                                   F   S D A W C M W F      (115pts)
Lieutenant Luthyre   6/4+ 4 7  2  2  5  1  1  1
Hand weapon, shield, heavy armour, throwing spears, horse
Rally to Me! - Luthyre's “Stand fast!” range is 12''/28cm rather than 6''/14cm

Blade master - Luthyre may re-roll one of his dice to determine who wins the fight.

Heroic deaths

Lieutenant Grash (Gondor in Flames Turn 7, Take the high ground Vs rogue Gondor)

Cpl One-arm, the first (Gondor in Flames Turn 12, Silence the artillery Vs Lieutenant Vashner)

Goblin Captain (Gondor in Flames Turn 15, Control Vs Lieutenant Haldran, Oira and Io)

Cpl Gerthil (Gondor in Flames Turn 15, The chance encounter Vs General Morge)

Cpl One-arm, the second (Gondor in Flames Turn 15, The chance encounter Vs General Morge)

Lieutenant Keresk (Gondor in Flames Turn 15, Until surrender Vs Lieutenant Luthyre and Nethar)

Lieutenant Corgoth (Gondor in Flames Turn 15, Until surrender Vs Lieutenant Luthyre and Nethar)

General Mainz (Gondor in Flames Turn 15, The raging river Vs Lieutenant Rathin)

If you want the full profiles for the campaign, email me and I shall respond with the file attached  and it will be in odt. format, so if you'd prefer it in PDF form I could do that too.

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