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SBG tournament 6th round Minas Morgul Vs Moria

Alas the final games are within view. The contest is still as important, if the orc forces reign victorious here, they could pick up first place in the table and maybe overall. But if the goblins win they may control the third spot, which could allow for a second place overall. 

Enough of the un-tense tension, this may be of interest.

Set-up as normal

1st turn - Minas Morgul
The forces move forward to the centre of the field. A handful of orcs trip amongst the rocks, others bound across like hares. The goblins laugh at the stupid orcs, and move forward with ease.

2nd turn - Minas Morgul
The lines meet and the battle commences, The orc captain urges his beast over the wall, but the warg refuses, hits the wall and sending him over it. The nearby goblins move it on him, hoping to catch an early kill, but their short legs deny them. The Nazgul tries to compel the captain, but the spirit loses his focus(-2will).

The clash of shields results in the troll wounded, and the death of a goblin.

3rd turn - Moria 
The goblins king's forces move onto the orcs. The ringwraith tries a different spell which stuns the captain, unable to resist.(-1will, captain + Rw)

The king and Grishnakh hurl themselves into opponents, the king killing three, and the orc only kills one, losing in his second combat. The goblins bite deep into their adversaries, felling five. The orcs respond by wounding the troll twice. Who howls in pain and wonder what caused such bad luck. The captain manages to regain his footing once the goblins had poked at his armour.

4th turn - Minas Morgul
Once again the forces collide, the goblin force seems outnumbered at this moment, unusual for a goblins. The Nazgul immobilises the captain again, this time crossing swords with him.

The leaders jump into the fray first, the king dispatching two to the orc's single kill. The orc captain evades the wraith and his companions for another turn(-2 might). The orcs fell two more goblins who kill a single orc in response.

5th turn - Moria
The king orders his minions to fight on, despite the odds, (quite difficult since they're goblins). The Nazgul paralysis the captain again and charges him (-1will).

Both leaders kill one enemy each, the Nazgul manages to stab the captain, his fate may not be with him but he still stands.

6th turn - Minas Morgul
The captain refuses to be immobilised by the wraith, so charges him. the other orcs either trap the goblins or fight them one-on-one. The king cannot remove his opponent, Grishnakh fares two better. The orc warriors kill two to one in revenge.

7th turn - Minas Morgul
The captain engages the wraith again. Although the wraith wins, he fails to wound and so disappears into the earth. Both leaders manage a kill each. four more goblins are killed. This leaves the goblins broken.

8th turn - Moria
The king rallies his few followers, the furtherest from runs from the orc opposition towards the hill, but he is caught by the orcs.Grishnakh moves his forces to the goblin king's. 

The king is wounded and his fate fails him(-2fate), but one orc is killed elsewhere. The runaway goblin survives one more turn.

9th turn - Minas Morgul
Grishnakh's sub-force arrives, the captain engages the goblins eager for revenge.

The captain losses, and the goblins stab him through a kink in his armour. Both leaders kill one apiece, and the runaway goblin is finally killed. This leaves the orc force broken.

10th turn - Moria
Durburz calls on his finally minions and charges Grishnakh. Of the other orcs many lose hearts and flee 

The leaders battle over control, The goblin fairs worse and is cut down by Grishnakh's blade. Another goblin joins him in the afterlife (assuming their is a goblin afterlife?).

11th turn - Moria
The final goblin stands firm and leaps onto the orc leader, making four more orc runaway to the horizon.

The battle is short and simple, the brave goblin is no more. Giving the orcs another victory!

The score (8 - 3) 

  • Minas Morgul = 3 + 1(breaking opponents) + 4(named hero + troll killed) = 8
  • Moria = 1 + 1(breaking opponent) + 1(captain killed) = 3

A bigger victory than I expected given how well the goblins tried to come back into the game.
and the kill counts:

  • Grishnakh - 12
  • Durburz - 8
  • Orc captain - 0

Alas not much goes well for the goblins these days, four straight loses, It looks like last place for these warriors, unless The high king is defeated badly, they shall remain bottom of the table.

Finally the final game on the tourney will be up in 5-ish days, so keep watching.


Until then


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