Monday, 16 July 2012


Well I think it worked. Despite the filing down of the arms a couple of models do have bulky cloaks, some have very thin or short ones, but overall a success given that my sculpting skills were very limited.

The process was: 
mix together putty
roll it out as flat as possible, use olive oil so it doesn't stick to the roller
Cut out a rectangular shape from it
Flatten that as much as possible
apply to models

being an amateur at this naturally I got fingerprints all over it, which I smoothed-ish with one of the many sculpting tools (still don't know what half of them are for).

The pictures:

The amount of putty I used was about 3 inches for 12 models and there was some left over, I think that I did a good job, but some models did turn out to look too bulky, or the cloak was too short, but overall I'm happy.
the whole group:

Next is basing, then another spraying session! Which will included more models this time.

Until then


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