Saturday, 30 May 2015

Dwarves - Goblin Campaign Turn 8 beginning

The goblins have cornered the Dwarves at their garrison, all that remains is to order the assault.

Despite losing the weapons stash, the dwarven forces have been well organised as such they manage to maintain their equipment effectively.

The goblins have re-secured their Garrison, so Greszif departs to reinforce the fort, as the Dwarves could easily plan an attack. Blayser is ordered to remain at the weapons hill.

But Gimli has other ideas, thinking that the locals will not accept their leadership if these skirmishes continue, so travels with Hatain to re-take the weapons hill. Leaving the capable Orin to defend the Garrison.

Greszif looked furiously at the darkening sky above the goblin garrison things had turned on their head. Several of the goblins he had sent out, had chased down and even killed the rebels responsible for seizing the garrison. They had gone even further by sending rumours about that a small group of dwarves had done it. Everything had to seemed to be in good order, that was at least until a messenger came in. News of the Blayser taking the Northern weapons stash was good too, but this left a huge problem for Durburz, one he wouldn't admit. The entire Dwarf army could attack either the fort or the weapons hill, and he could do little about it, even with ample defenders.
So Greszif was ordered back to the fort to support the goblin king, yet his warriors would not see the importance of this, as they carved up a rebel corpse. Meanwhile Gimli would laugh at them, as their Garrison was left unattended again, simply to contain them.
But still it could be worse, he could be posted on the weapons hill with Blayser...

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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Dwarves - Goblin Campaign Turn 6 end and Turn 7

And so, most of the Goblin army swept away the single company of dwarves stationed at the weapons will, both sides cursing each other as they ran back north to their garrison.

But the local rebels are not happy with this goblin victory or simply the presence of any army encroachment. So a handful of them encamp themselves inside the goblin garrison. More like-minded individuals from the local settlement join on this movement, but form defensive blockades at the nearby weapons stash and food stocks.

Turn 7

Gimli decides that attacking the fort is too risky, and could destroy most of his army, so all the dwarves remain at the garrison, and they recover all the remaining injured dwarves.

The Goblin king sees the threat that the rebels pose to their success in their campaign so sends Greszif to deal with these locals.
Durburz returns to the fort so that their defences remain without holes.

The rebels clearly were not ready to actually fight the goblins. Because as the Goblin captain arrives at the garrison, his scours report a small company retreating Eastwards.

The other rebels in the area see this as a sign of an impending goblin victory so join their comrades and depart for their homes. Only small companies of men remain at the objectives.

Gimli awaited the arrival of his last scout; the others had reported not much of the goblin movements except about the more rebels leaving the area in light of the latest goblin victory. At this point a dwarf patrol approaches the gate, and with them the last scout. Gimli then makes his way to his tent. Soon enough the scout also enters.
"My lord, promising news!" He says and places a scroll on the table. Gimli picks it up and reads it before returning it to the table.
"Is this true?" He asks.
"I had to befriend some of the Southern rebels;who don't think that highly of you by the way. But they spoke clearly of an impending goblin victory so were thinking of leaving too." The scout responded.
"Then it is clear to me what we should do. Send for Orin and Hatain too." Gimli asked, and the scout left. Gimli called for his guard to prepare, they were going to decide this campaign for once and for all...

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Friday, 22 May 2015

Second battle for the weapons hill

Durburz was running late. Of course he would say that Blayser had arrived to early instead. The two had had a meeting earlier that day indicating that an evening attack would force the Dwarves to retreat, or they would have to fight the goblins in the dark, not in their favour.
But Durburz had been happily relaxing at the fort expecting armouring up and marching there to be relatively easy. The rust on their weapons had left most of his guard dumb-founded, Blayser had prepared for this though, so they took twice as long. Not only that but Blayser left assured that he could take the hill by himself...

Second Battle for the weapons stash (Take the high ground)

The goblins edge closed to the hill.

They divide into two groups prepared to take each flank.

So Gimli divides up his guard to guard either flank.
And then Durburz arrives...
His forces make their way to the hill slowly.
as one of the foolish goblins is struck down from it's side.
Gimli and co. are attacked on the southern edge.
One flanking goblin is cut down on the Northern side.
Gimli takes a risk, rushing against the troll, and in a quick flurry of
his axe leaves the troll whimpering on the ground, bloodied.
Blayser's goblins try more flanking to expose the other flank of the hill.
Gimli casts a small axe deep into a nearby goblin's skull
Blayser jumps atop the hill stabbing the guard above multiple times.
This allows more goblins to jump onto the hill, furthering the Dwarves
problem, Gimli tries to shore up his side downing another goblin.
He then cleaves his axe through two more.
His guard kick, punch and batter the goblin captain unconscious.
Which leaves his side very depleted...
Two of Blayser's goblins take to the wind, as Durburz' forces reach the
hill, to find the Dwarf defence reforming.
Again a goblin succumbs to the Dwarf axes.
Another goblin also flees, as Durburz orders a quick attack on the
hastily formed defenders.

Durburz raises his blade and cuts through the nearest guard,
Gimli equals this by punching a prowler, One more fall on
either side fall as the sky darkens...
As the goblins hold more warriors on the hill, so Gimli must concede this day despite this dwarven nature.

Gimli lost 3 Khazad guard: Two recover and one will miss the next turn. Gimli recovers 2 might. Gimli (2)(2/2/2)
Blayser's company lost 7 goblins, the troll and Blayser: Three goblins recover, three will miss the next turn and two were killed, the troll recovers two wounds, Blayser recovers two wounds and 1 might. Blayser (2)(2/1/0) Troll (2).
Durburz lost 2 prowlers: Both recover and Durburz regains 1 wound. Durburz (2).
Gimli's Guard came to a rest over two bow-shots away from the weapons hill, the goblins were more decisive than they had previously thought.
"Let's take a breather!" Gimli stated exasperated. His guard knew he wouldn't give them too long. "Nanorin!" He called to his lead guard, who promptly staggered forward.
"My lord?" He asked.
"What did you make of the goblin attack?"
"Blayser clearly wanted to take the rear of the hill, maybe the troll was used to pin you in one place while they overwhelmed the other edges of the hill. Their King looked exhausted from the march, so he was probably later than he planned." He paused for a moment. "Otherwise we might be less fortunate." And the dwarf was right.
"Then we must return to the garrison and hope the goblin king makes a mistake. March on Dwarves!" And the group hobbled on North to their garrison.

Until then


Thursday, 14 May 2015

Dwarves - Goblin Campaign Turn 5 end and Turn 6

The goblins easily push the dwarf company from the fort, taking minimal losses themselves,  the dwarves take flight back to their garrison.

The company of rebels remain at the other weapons stash, keen on making a point between these two armies.

The goblins still haven't managed to find a way to keep their weapons and armour, such that they have become more rusted and pitted. They suffer a -1 penalty on their fight value and a -1 on the to wound roll. Not cumulative with any previous penalties.

Turn 6

Orin returns to the garrison, and Gimli takes up position at the weapon stash.

Durburz calls up Blayser from the fort, and they both attack the weapons stash.

Gimli stood atop of the pyre gazing across the lands East. The fort stood at the centre of his gaze, a small stone block among the shrubbery and woods. He had more worried each day since the goblins took over the fort, they could strike here or the garrison to give them the thing they wanted, control over the weapons hill. As the other was too hard to get and could put them in poor stead when trying to ally with the local rebels. This left him defending this stash as both other dwarf companies were required to keep their garrison secure. But of course this left the weapons stash ill defended, even if by him and his guard...

Until then


Saturday, 9 May 2015

Second battle for the fort

Hatain had been informed of the goblins assault. He knew also that the gate was in poor order. So he had set a couple of dwarves to work, and would have the gate in proper order easily before the goblins could arrive. All that remained was to await the goblin's arrival.
Shortly before they arrived he walked among his warriors.
"Dwarves!" He cried. "Those goblins have come to take what is rightfully ours!" Shouts of recognition came back. "I ask not for their submission, or for victory. But for vengeance for our kin, their slaughter, and the Goblin King's head on a spike!"
To that an almighty roar arose from the small fort, rocking the ground. The goblins over the hill felt this and knew something was amiss...

Second battle for the fort (To the death/until submission)

Blayser's forces arrive first.

They begin the assault on the walls.

The goblins scale the surface meeting the dwarven defenders.
The troll takes a decent chunk out of the repaired gate, but it still
stands. One goblin is pushed from the wall spilling black blood.
Durburz and his guard make their way onto the field.
A couple of goblins lose their footing, but the rest manage to scale
unaided. Durburz and co. make their way to the rear of the fort.
The defenders take their first casualty.
The goblins have a foothold on the wall, as the assault continues.
The dwarves respond by cutting down three of the attackers.
More attacking.
Another dwarf is surrounded and fails to avoid the pointy blades.

Durburz arrives on the wall, as they seem to be taking control of the fort.

And then the troll smashes down the gate, the dwarves
manage to kill another two goblins in return.

Things get worse as Greszif arrives, in full force.

The dwarves quickly close down the troll, but there are
more fights everywhere.

The defenders slice through another two goblins, and the same
number of dwarves succumb to the troll and goblin alike.
This leaves Blayser's forces very depleted...

Despite this he summons the courage of his fellow minions to fight
again, as Hatain urges the dwarves in the keep to charge the troll.
Things are very untidy outside the gate as Greszif prepares for his attack.
Two more gobbos fall to archery and axe, and Durburz gazes around
to see minimal support from his own guard.
Blayser calls the stand fast, both troll switch over in the keep attack.
Durburz drops his guard for a second, then finds a dwarf axe swinging
 into his face. The new troll smashes two of the
keep dwarves into the ground
Blayser calls another stand fast, enamoured by Greszif clambering
over the wall, leading the goblin wall attack again.
The same troll squishes the remaining dwarf in the keep with ease.
As Blayser too twists and turns to wound Hatain twice,
leaving him groaning on the floor.
One other goblin falls. This leaves less than half the original defenders
But they summon their courage easily, attacking the goblins
despite being outnumbered.
Two are cut down on either side leaving three dwarves left,
and they know that the fort is no longer in their hands...

And so the dwarves are pushed from the fort, the goblins claiming it for there own!

Hatain lost 9 dwarves and Hatain: Hatain recovers 1 wound and one fate. Two recover, four will next turn and three were killed. Hatain (1) (1/1/1).

Durburz' company lost 2 prowlers and Durburz: Durburz recovers 1 wound and 2 might. Both prowlers recover. Durburz (1) (3/2/0).

Blayser lost 7 goblins: Six recover and one was killed, recovers one might, Troll recovers one wound. Troll (2) Blayser (2) (2/1/1).
Greszif lost 4 goblins: two recover, one will next turn and one was killed.
Troll (3) Greszif (2) (2/1/1).

The Goblin King struggled himself to his feet on the wall, the dwarf had hit him very hard. He made his way to the keep where Greszif and Blayser were arguing, again. Outside there are roars as the goblin minions try to shackle up the trolls.
"Here he is!" Shouts Blayser. "Tell this one how he should have arrived much earlier today!" He said pointing at Greszif, but Durburz stood in amazement.
"Neither of you two showed up on time either way!" He then bellowed back. "We agreed to set out by mid-day! Clearly your scum got scared by the dwarf howls!" Greszif would've blushed, but for his green scabbed skin.
"What now then, King?" Asked Blayser. Durburz then took an axe from one of his nearby guardsmen, it was rusted, badly.
"What do you think then?" The king responded. All three smiled and knew exactly what he meant. 

Until then


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