My models

Below is the list of my models, whether unpainted, half painted, in need of repainting, or assemble required.

18 x Morannon orcs(12 x shields,12 x spears)
Converted Shade
Troll Chieftain
Gandalf the white
2 x Roman Auxiliary troops
Shadowlord Mtd and ft
23 x Mordor orcs
2x Cave trolls

Half painted
Theodred Mtd and ft
Eomer Mtd
Erkenbrand ft
King Elessar Mtd.

24 x Warriors of Rohan
12 x Riders of Rohan
23 x Haradrim Warriors(12 x spears,13 x bows)
6 x Haradrim Raiders(3 x bows,2x lances, Banner)
6 x Knights of Minas Tirith
3 x Avenger bolt thrower crew + Bolt thrower
Faramir w/heavy armour Mtd and ft
Farmer Maggot and hounds
Eomer ft
23x Goblins
1 x orc(spear)

Assembly required
A Dragon
9 x Roman Legionnaires
9 x Men of Dale (converted warriors of Numenor)

So Future painting sessions, conversions etc. will probably be to do with these.
Date 22/12/14

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