Tuesday, 12 July 2011

1st and 2nd round Tallying+Tables

With the 1st and 2nd rounds over. Where did each army stand.

Team                 F  A   +/-   Pts
Minas Morgul    11  2   +9     8
Rivendell             6   6    -0     5
Moria(+Nazgul)  5   7    -2     5
High King           3  10   -8     2

And in the running for most kills:
Orc capt = 8 (he killed Elendil)
Cave troll = 6
Numenor capt = 4
Elven capt = 3
Elendil = 1
Grishnakh = 1
Durburz = 1

Note: this is only for heroes and the troll. Also 1 point is awarded for a warrior killed, 3 points for a hero e.g. captain, and 5 points for a named hero.


Monday, 11 July 2011

SBG tournament 2nd round High king vs Moria(+Nazgul ally)

High king vs Moria(+Nazgul ally)
Setup as normal.
The first turn priority goes to evil, but all troops move their maximum distance.
Good get priority in the second turn, where Elendil and those nearby move into a defensive formation of sort. This makes Durburz and his goblins have to trek around/across the rocks.
In the fights the cave troll kills both his opponents, and jumps over the wall in the Numenorian's places. in return a goblin is killed by the captain, the ringwraith cast compel on a warrior to increase the goblins chance of winning and wounding, but it made no difference, since no wounds were caused either way.
Turn three  priority went to good, it took two Numenorians to charge the wraith, one failed their courage test. The two men by the well continue to hold the Moria hordes at bay, a man sacrifices himself to the troll.
1 goblin is killed by the captain to two men, one from the troll another trying to stem the tides of goblin warriors.
Turn four sees evil moving first, Elendil and Durburz contest for a heroic move, Elendil wins and charges the ringwraith before it can cause damage, other men sacrifice themselves to his cause. elsewhere the troll engages the captain who is now attacked on both sides of the wall. Elendil Has a heroic combat for free, but has to use another might point to win his first battle, then strategically moves into the troll, pulling the captain from harms way. he then only manages to wound the troll. The men of Numenor survive another round of goblin attacks. Two more goblins fall, one by the captain, who manages to kill a goblin on the opposite side of the wall.
Priority goes to good on the fifth turn. Durburz decides to move first though and the ringwraith within 6" transfixes Elendil, however he resists successfully, despite using up his remaining might and will points(1 and 3). Two brave men are swarmed, and the wraith puts two goblins in-front of him. The captain sees through this, and charges the goblins. Elendil charges the troll again, two men kill the last goblin on the eastern side of the wall.
Both the captain and Elendil perform heroic combats, Elendil's goes neither the troll's or his way, both score no wounds. the captain however kills a goblin with his remaining might point and breaks towards the wraith. He loses heart at first, but  goes into a melee the second turn(he failed the first courage test but, used a will point and charged him the second time). With double the dice to roll the captain wins, though he couldn't wound the spirit. The two brave men finally fall to the mass of goblins on them, another goblin is killed behind the wall.
The high king's forces are broken. With the end of the game, which army gathered more objectives?
The goblins managed two on the southern edges.
And the high king also managed  two objectives in the north.

The well fought over well goes to
Evil. the men only managed to get the captain within 3" of it, whereas the goblin force got six models, a clear goblin objective.

The final scores are:
Goblins = 3 + 1(breaking enemy army)
High king = 2
So a 4-2 victory for evil!

The third round will be posted soon.


Sunday, 10 July 2011

SBG tournament 2nd round Rivendell vs Minas Morgul

Rivendell vs Minas Morgul
The same rules, teams, but different terrain, this time trees, rocky outcrops and less walls.
The first turn goes to evil, but all models move 6", although the elven archers move 3". Then manage to unwarg the orc captain.
Good reclaim priority next and move possessively around the well, the orcs engage the elves by the well and the outcrop. Two orcs are killed through the elven arrows, one from the elven captain (he used a might point). The orcs could only kill a single elf.
Good gained priority for turn three, and the orc and elf captain contested for a heroic move, which the orc won, and charged the elf to cancel their move out. The northern elven line move back 3" so they are out of charge range and can shoot. The orcs respond by taking evasive action and rush towards the well!
In the shoot phase good manage to kill an orc by arrows, then a lone orc archer kills an elf in return! The fight phase is more good news for evil, 3 elves are killed, 1 by Grishnakh by using a might point. The elves could only kill two orcs.
The four turn priority goes to good again, they try to capitalise by engaging numbers of orcs, the remainder of orcs also participate in other fights. The elf archers fail to kill a stray orc. The fights are more encouraging for the elves, removing two more orcs and wounding the orc captain. the orcs respond with three elves falling to their blades. A small glimmer of hope, a single elf repels Grishnakh and three other orcs.
The priority returns to evil for the fifth turn, with no hesitation all elves are attacked by some orc. The elves lose three of their comrades, two by the orc captain. Only 2 orcs were killed in return. Some bigger fortune was the elven survivor from the previous turn, repelled Grishnakh and his minions once again.
The elven force was broken, meaning the end of the game. The orcs got their two objectives from behind the walls. The well was, well fought over, but the orcs had eight within 3", against the five of the elves. Then the two captain's objective had both two models from either team meaning...
The orcs getting another objective. Hope remained for the elves, with the smaller battle in the north?
The elves had scavenged enough to get a single point.
The final score being. Orcs = 4(obj) +1(breaking enemy force) = 5
                                 Elves = 1(obj)                                        = 1
giving a final score of 5-1.

Also notable occasions, Orcs get an award for Tactician for their strategic manoeuvre (1pt)
And the elves get Bold move and Blessed by the valar both for the spearman(elf) against Grishnakh and the minions (5pts)

The next battle should be up within the next 28hrs.


Saturday, 9 July 2011

SBG tournament 1st round Rivendell vs Moria(+Nazgul)

Rivendell Vs Moria(+Nazgul)
The teams deploy as normal.
Good moves first and directs the archers between the wall sections, whilst the rest of the troops move hastily towards the free objectives.
The ringwraith moves behind the goblin shield wall afraid of the elven bowfire having no fate points. As you can see the elven bows claimed four goblins lives.

for the second turn good get priority, with it elves vault over the walls and their archers move slowly forwards. the goblins respond by charging individuals, the ringwraith gets smart by compelling the elven captain into the firing line, the captain however outscores him.
the ringwraith's efforts had been in vain, as only 2 arrows hit their targets and no wounds at all. the fights were more fruitful, when the goblins kill two elves to a single goblin.
Evil move first this turn, the ringwraith launches a diabolic dart at an elf, this fails to pierce  the heavy armour. (he had used 2 will and a might point), the cave troll launches into combat, and the goblins attempt to choke the elven resistance before it can begin. The elven captain boldly charges into Durburz.
Both the goblin king and the captain call heroic combats, but the captain goes first. During the first combat the captain (with spear support) causes two wounds, one is saved by fate. The captain charges the king again, but the king fails to equalise, so moves to his combat with an elven spearman (spearelf?), where the elf won but rolled a one. Elsewhere 4 goblins are killed, and two elves fall to the troll club. the ringwraith also couldn't kill his opponent despite winning.
Good claims the fourth turn priority, where three archers assemble behind a wall, the captain tries to deal with the kill, and the other elves move into the remaining minions and the ringwraith.
The archers manage to kill a goblin in the shoot phase. The fight phase was more eventful, the king performs a heroic combat, fortunately he survives the first but is beheaded by two elves in the second combat. The ringwraith is unsuccessful yet again killing the elf, around the rest of the battle two more goblins fall, and four elves are also killed.
Meaning that the goblin force is broken, and the end of the game.

The objective totals are added. Elves got three and the goblins took one. also the goblin king was killed(+1 to the elves) and the goblins were broken(+1 to the elves), making a 5-1 victory to the elves.

The second round games will be posted soon after they have been played


Friday, 8 July 2011

SBG tournament 1st round

High King army Vs Minas Morgul
The game is played until one force breaks. Then who ever has most models within 3" of each objective wins the objective(there are five). The player with the most amount of objectives wins.

The armies deploy touching the board edge the orcs far outnumbering the men of Numenor. The orcs, with priority, rush towards their objectives closely followed by the men, the Orc Captain speeds between the gap in the wall sections.

Good had priority for the second turn however, both the Orc Captain and Elendil press for a heroic move, the orc wins the battle and charges Elendil cancelling his move. orcs pour over the walls in response to the manoeuvre, and the men of Numenor rush to steal the objective from them, also the captain and two men move to block the orcs from nearing the well objective. 
Elendil attempts to remove his obstruction by performing a heroic combat, however his first combat he losses badly, and the charging captain successfully wounds him three times, with the help of a might point. Unfortunately for Elendil his fate roll was a 1, and the orc captain got a bargain for his two might points. The Numenorians only manage to kill two orcs in return.

Evil gloriously receive priority on the third turn, and orcs engage the beleaguered men, who can only helplessly defend themselves. 

Six Numenorians are killed to the orc blades to a single orc. Good has been broken, the forces retreat back to their camps with their objectives.
After a very short game who gain the most objectives? Evil gained 4 objectives, could good could salvage some small pride, and get the remaining objective? and...
Yes! The final score was 4 -1 to the orcs, but the men were broken (+1 to the orcs) and there hero(Elendil) was killed(+1 to the orcs), so that makes 6-1.

The Rivendell Vs Moria w/Nazgul ally will be posted soon.


Thursday, 7 July 2011

Rules etc.

Each force plays every other force twice, or six battles in total. Points are awarded for winning, drawing and losing, but also for other various deeds:

  • Winning = 4pts
  • Drawing = 2pts (each)
  • Losing = 1pt
  • Lucky/unlucky dice(1pt for each)
  • Bold move - a warrior sacrifices himself for his fellows/hero in danger(2pts)
  • Death from afar - kill a hero by archery from 18" at least(5pts)
  • Blessed by the valar-Warrior or hero survives certain death, but then gains the upper hand(3pts)
Note: These will be added to current scores at the end of the tournament.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Team photos!

Having the second largest force (by a single model) and each warrior having a high fight value, also deadly archery with their elven bows, means that killing each soldier will be an objective on it's own.

Note:The captain has the white cloak, and the unarmoured spearman is beside him

Army of the High King
Although the smallest force of the four, six casualties and it's broken. Elendil should hopefully deal out enough damage to counter this. It's warriors will out fight the orcs and goblins and match any evil captains, but they could be easily destroyed by the elves.

Minas Morgul
Boasting the largest army in the tournament, with 31 models, breaking it will be a long task, however their lowly profiles means that every model will have to count. with the only cavalry model means manoeuvring will be easier since it is an Orc captain. Also with the only banner winning key fights will become more difficult for opponents.

Note: the three morannon orcs count for the orcs with only hand weapons.

Moria with Nazgul ally
Despite the relatively low numbers for a goblin force, they have a few aces up their sleeves. With the cave troll killing enemy warriors only becomes easier. Also Durburz with his 12" stand fast means that in the centre of the board none will flee(as long as he doesn't), and a ringwraith being the only spell caster means that enemy heroes will be less of a challenge.

Note: The ringwraith is represented by the witch-king model.

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