Thursday, 29 August 2013

Twin battles of Cair Andros

"Sir, Anersk's company approaches" called Nethar's scout. Nethar turned to two peasants. 
"You two, make contact with the Captain, we may need his assistance." 
"But, Corgoth has engaged him, his losses may be too many for him to return in full strength, also the captain could have routed them beyond our reach."
"That is not your concern right now!" Nethar shouted." Your concern is defending Cair Andros, and if you fail Gondor will claim your life! Even if the dark lord does not." The peasants backed away knowing that Nethar was under stress. Facing Anersk, with a superior company, could make or break his military career.

Lieutenant Nethar Vs Lieutenant Anersk, Riders of Rohan Vs Lieutenant Corgoth (Siege and Breakthrough)

The board is split into two 4' x 2' parts one representing the battle for Cair Andros and the other outside Cair Andros. 
A model may freely pass between the two battle on the roll of D6: 
  • 1      The model is lost in their travels, remove from either battles (lost models are placed with their               companies after the two battles)
  • 2-3  The model is placed on the opposite battle board at the end phase of the next turn
  • 4-5  The model is placed at the opposite battle board at the end of the next turns move phase
  • 6      The model is placed at the opposite board edge at the end phase (of the same turn)
For the either side to be alerted, a friendly model from the opposite board must get within 8''/20cm of a rider of Rohan or orc, before a definite result is achieved (i.e the riders kill all the evil models, or an evil model breaks through, the orcs kill all the riders)

Once alerted, either force may travel through the boards even if a definite result is achieved (on the same D6)

The game ends when both battles have been resolved.


Anersk takes an arrow with little hindrance
Two peasants move to alert the riders of Rohan of the attack on Cair Andros
Warsh attacks the riders hoping to gain an opening
The orcs approach the defences
Corgoth's warriors are surrounded
One takes a spear
The orcs battle for the barrier
Warsh is wounded but carries on
Corgoth is grounded by a rider, as is one of his warriors
The corporal miraculously dodges the attacks of the Gondorians
one orc manages to gain a foothold over the barrier
It's now a clean-up over here
The peasants roll poorly, so must wait until the end of the next turn
More attacking here
Two more orcs downed here, the third manages to wound a rider
Warsh succumbs to the numerous attacks of the riders, yet his warg stays
Nethar and peasant wound to the orc's one wounded
Warsh's warg is speared
And the brave orc surrounded
The fighting invigorates over here
The orc is sliced into eleven pieces, yet the captain still claims the kill.
Meaning a definite result has been achieved, so the peasants haven't managed to alert the riders.
Unknown to Nethar the riders won't return,
and Anersk could force a victory here.
Yet the Gondorians wound well in their absence
The corporal vaults over the barrier only to break his leg over the other side
The Gondorians gain the upper hand
And down two more orcs, pushing for victory
Anersk sees defeat here, so flees with his corporal!
Giving the Gondorians a major victory and 400R!
Anersk retreats north-west and Corgoth east.

In Cair Andros the peasant and the spear-man will miss the next turn. All others recover from their wounds.
Nethar and his bow-corporal gains +1strength.

In Anersk's camp, his corporal will lose his leg, The spear-morannon-orc loses an arm, and along with the another morannon will all miss the next turn. Otherwise all recover from their wounds. Anersk however finds an item of greater value. A forged spear granting him +1 to wound.

In Corgoth's camp all the heroes miss the next turn, and the sliced-brave bow-orc wasn't recovered afterwards. All the other orcs recover.

Nethar and his men cheered as the orcs fled in their presence.
"Men it looks like I was wrong. We can and have contended with Anersk! For Gondor!" Which arose a huge cheer amongst the men.
Yet Nethar awaited the arrival of the captain of Rohan, but he knew he wouldn't come. The last news he sent the captain was bad, so why would the captain return if he thought Cair Andros was under siege. No, he would wait for news that Cair Andros was secure, so would await messengers.
But yet, if evil had brought victory over them, the same would be done, no messengers sent.
"You two!" Called the Lieutenant at the peasants. "Scout north and east of our position, find the captain." They both hurried back to their tents to get their supplies. Nethar turned and his eyes met with a horse's. the rider smiled briefly.
"Yes." Started Nethar, " Send news of our victory to Minas Tirith." The rider took the letter and departed. Nethar watched the him ride south. 
Anersk was no longer a threat to the north, he was glad that this battle would enjoy a line or two in the war songs of the future, the steward might even reward him...

Corgoth had endured enough, yes the second defeat of any leader was hard to take. But now there were fewer places for any orc to take up arms against the Gondorians. 
Keresk held the only settlement north of the Harnen, and west of Mordor.
Anersk, Vashner and the Goblin Captain slowly dwindled in number as the men strengthened, the Dark lord would call for peace and the Gondorians would refuse.
The only good news was that Anersk had found a 'precious spear', like that would change anything.

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Monday, 26 August 2013

Gondor in Flames Turn 14

The last turn consisted of Rathin being pushed back by Mainz and the peasants at north Harnen
Cair Andros was claimed by Nethar and the riders of Rohan
The goblin captain defeated Io at Lossarnach
Luthyre defeats a rogue warband
Haldran was defeated by a rogue warband.

The Gondorians get priority and gather 1600R to Mordor's 1000R.

The steward calls up the service of six peasants, two for Pelargir, two for west Druadan, two for Cair Andros.
Meanwhile the Dark lord calls up two peasants at north Ithilien.

Mainz attacks Rathin again at Gateway bridge.
Io manages two hexes to reach Pelargir.
Haldran manages one hex towards the goblins, before encountering a group of rogues.
Oira had attacks the goblins.
Dengond manages one hex north before meeting a large band of rogues.
Luthyre manages to assault north Ithilien.
The riders of Rohan attack Corgoth.
Aerun moves just outside Cirth Ungol

Anersk turns east and attacks Cair Andros.

Vashner turns north to assist the goblins against Oira
Jurasin finally reaches the Nurn settlement.

The Rogue captain and his company turn up at the goblins' camp.

So.....five battles, and two more battles against rogues.

But as a special feature the two battles around Cair Andros, Anersk Vs Nethar and riders of Rohan Vs Corgoth, will be linked, more info next time...

Mainz is very likely to defeat Rathin at Gateway bridge.
Oira will have a hard time gaining any victory over the goblins and Vashner, but the Rogue captain's company could side with them, or the goblins and create a massacre. Again more info before the battle...

Luthyre faces his first major challenge as second in command, trying to secure a settlement.
Dengond faces the largest rogue warband of 200 points just outside Osgiliath, and Haldran faces another 50 point company, but this time Haldran's riders will be at full strength.

Until then


Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Gondor in Flames turn 13 end

Previously this turn:
Mainz pushed Rathin back to Gateway bridge
Io was defeated at Lossarnach
Cair Andros was claimed by Nethar and the riders of Rohan
Luthyre defeated a band of rogues
Haldran was defeated by a clutch of warg riders

Vashner sits at the edge of Pelargir and could claim it if Io doesn't manage to return in time.
Luthyre also sits in an attacking position, but if Nethar or the riders of Rohan attack Corgoth, north Ithilien could be claimed.
Anersk is probably craving attention right now, so an attack on Minas Tirith is within reason.
Rathin will probably attack Mainz again to keep him occupied.

Good Evil
Capital 100 300
Settlements 1000 600
Battles 1400 200
Other 40 20
Supplies -124 -98
Expenses -400 -600
Total 2016 422

Making the Gondorian total at 7620R and the Mordorian at 1474R

The steward sat in his office in Minas Tirith, he had plenty of letters to send to lieutenants and General alike, especially since Nethar had reported that the orcs were mobilising, a large battle was imminent in the North. Also Luthyre had reported a rogue banner at north Ithilien. Not within their territory, but it was a sign that the rogues were rising up, or should be paid more attention. 
Despite this news of the rogue captain had run dry. It would be nice to have an asset like that, since his own captain, Bestir, was too far away to make much difference.
"Sir more news" came from the door, the messenger clearly hadn't knocked.
"Knock next time! Or I'll have you re-housed down a level!" The steward shouted before reading the message, which told of Oira finding of the rogue captain in the enemy camp, and the ensuing battle. This was unexpected....

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Monday, 19 August 2013

Gondor in Flames turn 13 other battles

"What news?" asked Luthyre.
"Nothing, only the warband is smaller than we anticipated" Yaion responded.
"We have to win here, Nethar sends word of the capture of Cair Andros. Corgoth will hurry to support Keresk, and therefore blocking our assault on north Ithilien." Yaion was just as worried, but only partially for the same reason. 
Luthyre was becoming more obsessed over the past month. His promotion was unexpected, but everyone knew he deserved it.
Yaion's thoughts were broken by the approach of the rogues, they even had a banner....

Lieutenant Luthyre Vs rogue Gondor(100pts) (The chance encounter)


The bowmen get in range
One miraculously takes a kill
And the same bowman takes another!
Facing off here
The rogues meet the opposing battle line
Luthyre engages the back of the rogue's line
Luthyre takes the banner bearer, and a guard take one too
The banner picked back up
Luthyre and co. attack again
And again
Yaion and the banner bearer get one each
More fighting
And more
The same bowman gets another
Again more fighting
And another, reducing the rogues below 25%
Giving the Gondorians a major victory and 400R!

In the Gondorian camp the wounded archer recovers.
Yaion gains +1strength, CG7 gains +1fight, The spearman is promoted to citadel guard, like the heroic archer, who is promoted to a ranger and gains +1fate.

Haldran was lying against a rock, resting. His corporal Hithum assumed command, they had been told of rogues in the area so abstained from vigorous marching. Io was now beyond their reach.

"Sir, a group of wargs approaches." Stated his scout.
"Wargs? Not orcs?" Asked Hithum, this would make things harder than he planned.

Lieutenant Haldran Vs Rogue Mordor(50pts) (Breakthrough)


Closing into combat
The riders and warg melee, whilst the corporal tries to prevent flanking
Successfully flanking, while the Rohirrim are engaged
The guard holds the wargs, while the other rider fights the flanker
And the guard falls to the wargs
The flanking warg was only 1cm away from freedom!
Same goes for the other warg, yet still no warg rider has escaped yet.
The corporal cutting down the orc, yet his warg still stands
The other rider smashes the other orc's skull, letting his warg flee free
And the remaining two warg riders escape, finally.
Giving the rogues a minor victory!
Haldran's company retreats north-east.

In the Rohirrim camp the wounded guard recovers.
The other rider fails his promotion.

"This is bad!" Shouted Hithum. "They broke our line, they could easily attack Minas Tirith."
"But sir, they'll be easily repelled" pointed the royal guard.
"At what cost? Reduced production of food, water and so forth." Hithum would be fined at the very least, and not to mention Haldran's rage at his failed leadership.
"Sir, a rider is here, with Haldran's orders." Hithum stopped his rant.
"Right, I shall visit him then." The corporal now had to take responsibility for his actions.

Until then 


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