Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Third battle of Osgiliath

Vashner was growing uneasy Aerun and Dengond were dangerous in their own right, neither losing a single battle, both had fought here before and won. Even though he was defending the walls his warriors couldn't win in any confrontation against both.
"Sir they have been spotted" informed one of his corporal's.
"Then get onto the wall scum!" He ordered, and both made way to the wall.
Upon the wall Vashner spotted something amongst the attackers, a bolt thrower similar to the one at Minas Morgul. His blood boiled and he cried out in anger. Cursed Gondorians. They would have to remove this bolt thrower to break the siege....

Lieutenants Aerun, Dengond and Captain Bestir Vs Lieutenant Vashner (Silence the artillery)


The bolt thrower is on the opposition hill
Moving forward in groups of four
The bowman is surrounded to reduce the chances of raising the alarm
The bowman falls to the ground over the sheer number of wounds,
although Vashner claimed the kill after cleaving his head.
The ranger getting a good roll, moves within 4'' and raises the alarm
The ranger seemed outnumbered
But thanks to his favour of the court rule he re-rolled,
won and even wounded one of the peasants
The orcs attack the sleeping men,
some of who were roused by the alarm being raised
Closer view right
Closer view left
Bereov and an orc fall, one citadel guard is saved by fate and awoken
by the attacks, another takes a wound but had two to begin with.
More fighting
The peasants cleave off One-arm's other arm,
Theorn is wounded along with a ranger and an orc
The men seem surrounded
The orcs move to dissemble the bolt thrower, only to be engaged
One corporal down
The orc corporal manages to 'base-contact' the bolt thrower
Dengond heroically combats engaging the corporal, preventing
the disassembly. Meanwhile an orc and another corporal fall 
A heroic move by a Gondor corporal, to engage the mordorians
Bestir and Gerthil matching each other
Almost a tidying up operation for the Gondorians
Dengond takes a hit from the recruit
Aerun equals the score
Fighting here
And here
Aerun and corporal getting kills
Bestir removes the recruit and Gerthil yet equalling him
breaking the orc force
Vashner successfully rallies those around him
But his corporal fails, so Vashner concedes this battle 

Giving the Gondorians yet another victory and 800R (400R for major victory+400R for capturing stronghold)

In Osgiliath the one armed corporal lost his other arm and asked to be euthanised, Cpl E became the new One-arm(after he also lost an arm), R3 lost a leg, the bowman did not recover from his lost head. Dengond, Theorn recovered from his wounds. But Huos(R1) would be detained for one turn along with Bereov, R3, One-arm. Two of the peasants were detained and one was found dead.
Dengond ,CG 3 gained +1fight, Aerun, Gerthil, One-arm gained +1wounds, Theorn gains the courageous special rule, and Huos(R1) gains +1might. 

Dengond named Huos(R1) as his second corporal(+1fate).

Meanwhile in Vashner's camp, only one orc was detained, and one didn't recover from his wounds.
Three orcs were promoted to Morannon orcs with shields and one gains +1fate. Vashner gains +1fight and his shield corporal gains +1attacks.

The soldiers at Osgiliath gathered before the pyre, built to commemorate corporal C, One-arm the first. Only Dengond and the new One-arm, the second, remained until the embers glowed no more. 

Dengond promoted Huos as his second corporal who had raised the alarm initially.
Aerun spoke quickly to Dengond as Huos' promotional ceremony had ended. He had received a message.
"Men of Gondor I bring news on this hopeful day" Aerun raised his voice so all could hear. "The dark lord was defeated here again, and so has he been at the walls of Minas Tirith!"
A huge cheer went amongst the men. 

"This changes nothing" Dengond spoke to Aerun in private afterwards. "In fact we now have to rout or destroy Vashner so another siege won't occur"
"We are in a worse position than we were before, when he could only be in one place. Now he could attack the north or even the fiefs!" Aerun said in fear. 

No solution could be thought in the candlelight, the steward would only be pleased for now.

South of Osgiliath, Vashner's company marched further south.

"Sir we should attack Minas Tirith, they won't expect us this time!" Called one of his warriors. Vashner growled.
"Stupid maggot, the dark lord wants us to move south!" Vashner Barked. "Or would you prefer to bring it up with him?" The warrior cowered at that. "Thought so" and Vashner spat on him, kicking him to march faster with the others. 
Vashner wanted the same thing, but if the orcs gathered together, the Gondorians could defeat them easily, their only chance was to disrupt and evade. 
Vashner smiled, just his style...

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Friday, 26 July 2013

Siege of Minas Tirith, 100th post special

The goblin captain met with Anersk on the hilltop, outside the walls of Minas Tirith. 
They had waited a couple of hours for them to arrive, in that time the dark lord had sent a siege tower to aid in the assault. Without the troll things would get messy, probably for the worse.
"Is everything ready Lieutenant!" Called the captain. 
"Just march your maggots forward and we will follow!" Anersk replied.
And so they did, they only had to take the towers and they could begin the second stage of the siege.

In Minas Tirith, men were running across the walls delivering messages hither and thither.
Lieutenant Oira spoke briefly to Questor, who was more familiar with the defences.
"News has reached us, that they have brought a siege tower" said Questor.
"The Mordorians will take the tower, they have far better armour" replied Oira."Place your men on the right flank, you can hold the goblins, and the dwarves can hold the orcs."
"What about your archers?"
"On your flank. Order them to kill the bearers, then when they have been reduced sufficiently come and assist us." Oira stopped. "What am I forgetting?" 
"Haldran, word has it he has brought two other men" Questor answered.
"Unable to break the lines on their own, he'll have to deal with the goblin archers" Oira pondered for a moment. "Prepare the defences" he ordered....

Lieutenant Oira Vs The goblin horde + Lieutenant Anersk (Take the tower)
The attackers must take both towers before being reduced to 25% strength to be victorious, if they take one tower before being reduced it's a draw.


Dengond ordered his soldiers to lie down,
as protection from oncoming arrows
One of the goblin bearers takes an arrow in the eye
Moving forward
More moving
One ladder cast down
and the siege tower changes course at the last second
A hastily prepared defence against the oncoming orcs
The orc-corporal leads the charge
and another ladder pushed off the wall
This one stays up
Oira and a shield bearer offer a better defence than the Rohirrim
The goblins scale the ladder, while other pick up the fallen one.
The dwarf corporal takes a hit, but remains battle-ready
Pushed back
The goblin captain orders his minions out of the way.
A dwarf archer is hit in the chest
The goblin captain is pushed back, takes a wound
and squashes two more goblins at the base of the wall
The dwarf corporal fights back, scarring the other's face
Haldran arrives, with little he can do
Anersk turns his forces against the riders
More attacking
De-horsed, and the remaining dwarf archer gets another kill
Another goblin down
Haldran wins the heroic move roll-off
Oira moves outside the walls to assist Haldran
one of the dwarves takes a tumble over the wall, but lives yet
The goblin captain attacks again
and the goblins below move on the fallen dwarf
Haldran takes wounds, but stands 
While the goblins 'floor' that dwarf
The captain makes it onto the battlements
Anersk's forces charge at the outnumbered Rohirrim
Unable to get out of the tower
Questor and the peasants surround the captain and spear-goblin
Haldran and corporal fall to the number of biting blades.
As does this corporal
And the captain
The other corporal flees in terror
The final ladder is cast down, and the spear goblin surrounded
The goblins move to the ladder, and Anersk to the tower
Questor spear-ing the spear goblin
The dwarf archer claims another goblin
And another as the remaining goblins flee
Anersk hurries to take tower, now they are nearly at 25% orcs left
Wounding Oira
Then Oira onomatopoeia's the morannon in the face
Questor arrives, while Oira and his corporal go offensive on Anersk
They move outside to trap the orcs

But the peasants didn't need to ,Oira smashes Anersk's legs from
beneath him, vaulting him from atop the tower to the ground below
Reducing the evil force well below 25% and giving the Gondorians a Major victory! (+400R)

Inside Minas Tirith, Haldran and his corporal will miss the next turn, as will the dwarf archer and the the dwarf corporal, all the peasants and the t-h-axed dwarf make full recoveries.
The other Rohirrim corporal gained +1wounds, Oira gained +1strength, his corporal gained +1courage and the dwarf archer was promoted gaining +1fate and heavy armour.

In the orc camp Anersk, his other corporal and the morannon spear-orc will miss the next turn.
Both axe-orcs were promoted to Morannon shield-orcs.
Anersk gains +1strength,  his corporal gains +1wounds, and the morannon spear-orc gains+1fight.

In the goblin camp the captain and three others were detained, meanwhile three goblins lay dead. The troll assumed command....somehow.

A great feast was held in honour of Oira and Haldran. Much drinking and adult activities were taken to that evening. Oira, Questor and Haldran's corporal sat in counsel with the steward also upon the same evening.
"Anersk is but wounded, he will return soon with Vashner and the goblins if we don't strike them now." postulated Oira.
"Any news from Osgiliath, steward?"asked Questor.
"None, although I have more faith in Aerun and Dengond than I did in Oira." Oira stood in anger, but calmed himself.
"I would join Io and rout the goblins, but I have too few men." The corporal stated.
"My company must remain here in case Anersk or the Goblins attack again. The only other free company is yours 'corporal' "Oira responded.
"And what of the rogue captain!" Questor interrupted before the corporal and Oira punched each other, "he could lead some peasants with Io against the goblins!" 
"I will not entrust the safety of Io's men and peasants with a rogue! Who could join with the goblins and destroy Io's company, before turning on Pelargir or even Minas Tirith?" The steward shouted. 
This argument would have descended into blood-spill if a messenger had not arrived at that moment.
"Steward?"He said."These just came in," and handed two messages to him. the steward read them.
"The rogue captain is just north of the river, but south of here." He started. "And...."

Anersk lay down coughing up black blood, his bow corporal assumed command, as he had always wished. Him and the spear-orc had been contending with his leadership of late. Fortunately only one of the three contenders wasn't detained, so things ran smoothly.
"Come on scum the Lieutenant isn't travelling fast enough!" The corporal shouted.
"Where are we travelling?" Anersk asked amongst the blood spraying from his mouth.
"Vashner has given orders of you, although you'll be lucky to make it."
"And the goblins corporal!"He ordered with difficulty.
"Right now 'recruit' that is not your concern" the corporal responded. Anersk hid a grimace. All injured soldiers assumed to rank of recruit, save only the general and the dark lord himself.
The sun shone brightly off the white peaks directly behind them as they marched.

Until then


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