Saturday, 7 July 2012

SBG tournament final tallyings and tables

So with the games concluded, here's the main table:

Name  Pld    F    A   +/-   Pts
Minas Morgul 6 33 21 12 21
Rivendell6 29 17 12 18
High king 6 22 30 -8 12
Moria 6 17 33 -16 9

And the kill table:

1. Elendil - 32
2. Numenorian captain - 20
3. Troll - 16
 -  Durburz - 16
 -  Orc captain - 16
6. Elven captain - 14
 - Grishnakh - 14
8. Ringwraith - 1

^(winner of kills gets 10pts, second = 8pts, third = 5pts, fourth = 3 pts, fifth = 2pts, sixth = 1pt)

Other sources of points:

  • High king - Bold move (2pts)(2nd round), Unlucky dice(1pt)(1st round), Blessed by the valar(3pts)(5th round)
  • Rivendell - (Blessed by the valar(3pts), Bold move(2pts))(2nd round), 
  • Minas Morgul - Tactician(1pt)(1st round), Lucky dice(1pt)(1st round)
  • Moria - None

Anyway working out the overall winner goes like:

  • Minas Morgul = 21pts+5 for coming top+33pts(no. of points scored)+2pts(Lucky dice+Tactician)+6pts(3rd +6th in kill table) = 77pts
  • Rivendell = 18pts+3pts for coming second+29pts(no. of points scored)+5pts(Blessed by the valar+Bold move)+1pt(6th in kill table) = 56pts
  • High king = 12pts+1pt for not coming bottom+22pts(no. of points scored)+6pts(Blessed by the valar+Bold move+Unlucky dice)+18pts(1st and 2nd in kill table) = 58pts
  • Moria = 9pts+17pts(no. of points scored)+10pts(3rd place in kill table twice) = 36pts

Well That means that the last Numenorian victory did actually help. Also the goblin force only achieved a single victory, I thought they would have come third, having a superiorly structured force, compared to the other forces.

Anyway I hoped you've learned a lot because I have, like Elendil alone cannot force a victory, as much as you want him too(although he did kill over 20 models warriors and three heroes). Having priority does not mean you will win, or lose for that matter.

Finally I hoped you at least enjoyed it, or learnt how not to write a battle report. For those who are interested, the next games will be more of a face off euro 2012 type thing (two guesses where I got that idea), featuring 150point forces lead by their leaders to find the best faction, or die trying.

Until then


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