Saturday, 1 October 2011


For the Painting competition on the last alliance


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Sunday, 11 September 2011


Sooner than expected.
I Managed to acquire some batteries for some photos. 

So Here are the pictures of the hills so far. 

I decided to only have four layers of Polystyrene rather that the original six. This makes for easier storage and more gradual slopes on the hills. 

Hill with four layers.

Hill with six Layers.

Also The plans for the board. Each square represents 4" meaning 48"x48" or 4'x4' in total gaming area.

And by 'Fort' I mean with ruined walls and a gate on top of the hill. This does make the board too themed in a way, so the plan is to make the wall sections and gate removable so it looks like an ordinary hill =) when the they're not there.

I've started on the low(ish) hill.

With these two layers, one will be 12" in diameter and the second 6". The idea is to have a gradual assent to the 'summit' 

The next stages for the board are sculpting the hills into a 'hill'-like shape, gluing it down, and sanding the surface.

And finally
The Painted Warriors of Minas Tirith.




Still many more models in the backlog to paint, Rangers of Gondor, Theodred, Morannon orcs, and some Guard of the fountain Court.

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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Board work

An update on the current developments.

Firstly I decided to plan out the features of the board:

  • A crossroads, with statue
  • One has a 'normal' hill
  • A low hill on one

I've started on the hills, below is a picture of a planned hill, in sheet form ready to be cut.

The idea was to have two sheets of polystyrene to a level of the hill. Comparing this with a model. So I decided to have three levels for the normal hill, and four for the other. 

Anyway I prepared for six levels for both so I can make it smaller If I wanted. Both hills (with six levels) are currently cut out and are ready to be modelled.

On a smaller note I have started painting some Warriors of Minas Tirith, but aren't finished yet. So once I get some batteries for my camera, You will see them finished and the hills being modelled

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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Another break

Summer is ending, soon I will be doing my A-levels :).
Unfortunately that means a heavy workload of homework, apparently.

This means less time on my hobby :(. So posts on this blog might come up less frequently.

On a lighter note, some re-painting of my men of Numenor.
Previously coloured black and grey with bits of boltgun metal and shining gold. Now....

The cloaks have been blended from Chaos black to Codex grey, with six stages. Each with more grey added than the last, until the sixth which is purely grey.

The inner cloak edging has been re-coated, Skull white over Codex grey.

And the under tunic was re-applied with three stages of blending.

  • Scab red 100%
  • Scab red+Blood red 50:50
  • Blood red 100%
I'm quite pleased with the results, although I do still have a few bits to tidy-up and re-paint.

Anyway until then


Saturday, 20 August 2011

Spraying Session

Quite a lot done, for me that is.

I was doing a tester/sample for the battle board, so:

I took a piece a polystyrene and coated it with a thin film of sand on one side, and dirt on the other. The dirt part sounds strange, but someone suggested it on, so I'm going to compare the results afterwards.

After leaving it for a day or so I shook off the excess. Then applied a coat of watered down glue .

After leaving that to dry...

The next(and final) step was to apply spray paint to the piece.

I was most worried about this part,since spray paint and polystyrene don't go well together. But with the glue coating should hopefully protect it.

Seeing as I was using the paint, I whisked up some models glued sand to the base etc. 

In the picture before the spraying:

  • 12 Warriors of Minas Tirith
  • 11 Rangers of Gondor/Arnor 
  • Mounted Theodred
  • 2 25mm bases, for future use as objectives.
  • 8 Praetorian Guard + Centurion and two men with shields (Probably Auxiliary infantry) 
  • Unattached spears of Rangers and warriors, Elessar's right arm (from mounted version)
  • And a piece of rocky terrain.

The results

Well, I think it worked. The polystyrene didn't melt or anything like that. Even the unprotected sides, which caught some of the paint, remain solid.

A closer look at the tester piece. With flash.

Without flash

So, you might see some painting of mine up this or next month.

Until then


Friday, 19 August 2011

3rd and 4th round tallying and table

Well the score system for 'to the death' scenarios is:

  • 3 points if you win
  • +2 points if your not broken
  • 1 points for a loss
  • +1 if you break your opponents
  • +1 per hero killed (or troll)
  • +3 per named hero killed
According to this (for the two recently played games)
High king Vs Minas Morgul (5-9)
Rivendell Vs Moria (8-2)

The table then (3rd and 4th rounds)

 Pld    F    A     +/-  Pts
Minas Morgul 2 13 76 8
Rivendell 2 13 3 10 8
High king 2 6 14 -8 2
Moria 2 4 12 -8 2

And the overall table:

 Pld    F    A   +/-  Pts
Minas Morgul 4  24 9 15 16
Rivendell 4 19 9 10 13
Moria 4 9 19 -10 7
High king 4 9 24 -15 4

So there are two battle in the table, Minas Morgul Vs Rivendell and High king Vs Moria

And finally the tallying overall:
1. Elendil                          13
-   Troll                               13
-   Orc captain                  13
4  Numenor captain           7
5  Elven captain                 6
-   Durburz                          6
7  Grishnakh                      2
8  Ringwraith                     1

Elendil certainly has caught up, and in a single game too!
Next time will be Rivendell Vs Minas Morgul and High king Vs Moria.

Until then


SBG tournament 4th round Moria Vs Rivendell

4th round Moria Vs Rivendell
Setup like normal.

Turn 1 - Good
The elves move first, but only move a phalanx to wedge between the board edge and the end of the wall. Meanwhile the goblin force moves forward, clambering over walls. The elven bows let lose on the cave troll half obscured by the hill, but none could penetrate the hide of the beast.

Turn 2 - Evil
The goblin king and comrades jump among the rocks, whilst the Nazgul leads his goblins over the wall. The elves remain motionless. The arrows fail again to wound the troll.

Turn 3 - Good
The captain urges his followers into a blockade (nicked the idea from the Numenorians!). To which the goblins can only rush forwards. The ringwraith launches a devilish dart at the shielded elf, however fails to  find a chink in the armour. The archers finally manage to wound the troll.

Turn 4 - Evil
The goblins join combat everywhere. the ringwraith moves to 'safety', but a lone elf bravely charges the spirit.

In the melee, the troll kills one, another falls in the captain's line. The elven response is  the felling of four goblins.

Turn 5 - Good
The leaders of evil press their minions forth, the Nazgul throwing another dart at a stray elf, again fails to wound. the only free elf move behind the goblin wall and engages the spear goblins.

 The Captain calls a heroic combat, the first he uses a might point to win but kills none. whereas the second he slays a goblin. The king matches his rival kill with an elf.  Two more goblins are killed to another elf.

Turn 6 - Good
The king, refusing to move second, dodges around the back of the elven wall, while his minions rush into the disengaged elves. Beside the wraith, an elf (Valandil) fails his courage test, His colleagues look upon him with dismay.

The combats begin, the Nazgul loses his fight and is banished for his lack of will power. The troll is wounded by Valandil's comrades. The king  slays both his elven opponents(with his final might point). The captain makes a kill also. Four more goblin and two elves are slain as-well.

Turn 7 - Evil
With his army broken he calls a stand fast. In the west the goblins are outnumbered, even the troll is surrounded. 

In the east it's anybody's game.

Durburz loses his fight, and his minions redeem him by killing two elves.

 In the west, the elves  kill the troll at the cost of an elven warrior. 

Turn 8 - Good
The captain urges his warriors in a melee with the king, his four 'supporting' goblins flee!

On the other side the remaining goblins are surrounded.

The king survive the onslaught, along with his companion.

The other elves kill two more goblins. Things are very ill for evil.

Turn 9 - Evil
The king call stand fast, then charges the nearest spearelf, his companion engages the captain and another elf. The other goblins attack the nearby elves. 

The fights go the elvish way, the captain and Durburz also get a kill each. All goblin warriors are now dead, the elven force is now broken.

Turn 10 - Good
The captain easily call a stand fast, then ensnares the king. The other elves more towards the last battle sounds. Unfortunately for the elves he survives to the next turn.

Turn 11 - Good
The captain and his warriors trap and kill the king.

The game ends.
The elves get another victory, although I though the goblins army would win with the troll and a Nazgul!

The scoreboard and the kill table will be up soon.

Until then


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