Sunday, 1 July 2012

Orders commander

It was my birthday last month, I got some money, which allowed the purchase of several Ebay items like,
these Gondorian spearmen.

Suladan, The Serpent Lord, mounted, I prefer him to the other serpent Lord, since he's not half mumak(the horns), and imo looks more the part.

The troll chieftain, and my first metal troll I own :) which has been green stuffed together, (hopefully it will hold):

Anyway, the plans for the Gondorians is, to convert them into Citadel guardsmen, I know they just arrived and they got promoted already, but don't tell the other spearmen!

In other news this blog has reached over 2000 views! A very small and unimportant milestone, well I'm happy even if you're not. 

Also I might point out the tourney has been played through, so someone has actually won it. The last games should be up within the 10days, and then the overall winner will be announced.

Until then


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