Friday, 9 December 2016

An announcement

A fond hello from me to you!

In the past 18months, posts on here have been infrequent and less organised that I would like. Mainly because other hobbies, university coursework, exams and generally trying to become a somewhat functional adult has become ever present.

So this Blog has been pushed to one side. Yet I still enjoy gaming, modelling, painting and rule making, that hasn't and won't change. But since things have changed, such that I can't guarantee to play, paint, model and post about it as regularly. Which, for me, ruins the idea of the blog I want to create.

Over the past five years there has been some work that I am particularly proud of: Recreating the journey of the fellowship of the ring through Moria, painting serpent guards, making a fort, modelling citadel guard, I could go on...

One of the main reasons that this Blog has continued is because of followers, although it doesn't have a huge following like other Blogs, I'm glad that those who are have taken the time to view whatever mad idea strikes me next.

So lastly I just wanted to say thanks to those who have been watching and may the dice gods be ever in your favour!

Until then


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