Sunday, 11 September 2011


Sooner than expected.
I Managed to acquire some batteries for some photos. 

So Here are the pictures of the hills so far. 

I decided to only have four layers of Polystyrene rather that the original six. This makes for easier storage and more gradual slopes on the hills. 

Hill with four layers.

Hill with six Layers.

Also The plans for the board. Each square represents 4" meaning 48"x48" or 4'x4' in total gaming area.

And by 'Fort' I mean with ruined walls and a gate on top of the hill. This does make the board too themed in a way, so the plan is to make the wall sections and gate removable so it looks like an ordinary hill =) when the they're not there.

I've started on the low(ish) hill.

With these two layers, one will be 12" in diameter and the second 6". The idea is to have a gradual assent to the 'summit' 

The next stages for the board are sculpting the hills into a 'hill'-like shape, gluing it down, and sanding the surface.

And finally
The Painted Warriors of Minas Tirith.




Still many more models in the backlog to paint, Rangers of Gondor, Theodred, Morannon orcs, and some Guard of the fountain Court.

Until then


Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Board work

An update on the current developments.

Firstly I decided to plan out the features of the board:

  • A crossroads, with statue
  • One has a 'normal' hill
  • A low hill on one

I've started on the hills, below is a picture of a planned hill, in sheet form ready to be cut.

The idea was to have two sheets of polystyrene to a level of the hill. Comparing this with a model. So I decided to have three levels for the normal hill, and four for the other. 

Anyway I prepared for six levels for both so I can make it smaller If I wanted. Both hills (with six levels) are currently cut out and are ready to be modelled.

On a smaller note I have started painting some Warriors of Minas Tirith, but aren't finished yet. So once I get some batteries for my camera, You will see them finished and the hills being modelled

Until Then


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