Saturday, 29 September 2012


Over the past months, various models get need mending like broken spear shafts, horsemen de-based, sword/shields breaking. Well I've been putting off mending them, until now.



One has a weird spear shaft :(

So in total I have re-glued 2 Knights of Minas Tirith, 5 Citadel guardsmen, Gandalf the grey, an Easterling w/pike, and two Rohirrim, have been glued, Gandalf is still missing his sword ( :/ ), one of the knights is being re-glued again (I was checking that the glue was holding and snap, the shaft broke again), and I have no super glue atm so the others will have to wait :(.
However I still have to super-glue an elf ,1 shield-bearer from the Kings champion pack,  6 Guard of the fountain court,  and wolf from farmer maggot's hounds.

On another note I've done most of the rules for the Gondor in flames, their's still a few left

Until then


Sunday, 16 September 2012

Film paintings

Saturday and Sunday films are amazing, sitting through Mission impossible 2, Jurassic park and painting miniatures.

Previously I watched Premonition while painting my Praetorians, and before that Saving private Ryan with painting the rangers.

This time It's Citadel Guardsmen:

Colour schemes as normal(-ish):

Cloaks - Scab red to Blood red (1:0)(2:1)(1:1)(1:2)(0:1)
Tunics - Black chaos to codex grey to skull white (2:1:0)(1:1:0)(1:2:0)(0:1:0)(0:2:1)
Wood and leather - Scorched brown to Bestial brown (2:1)(1:1)(1:2)
Mail and metal - Boltgun metal to Mithril silver (1:0)(1:1)(0:1)
Tunic line - Bleached bone(1:0)

Easily not my best work but they'll do for now.
You've probably noticed that some haven't got their spear(/arms), those will be glued on next time.

Until then


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Sand dunes and salty air

I managed to get a large bag of sand, only problem, one accidental slit and two days of rain had caused it to become thoroughly soaked, I converted some of the sand into tubs and waited for it to dry.

While that was happening I glued the hills to the boards:

Small update this time since I have been completing summer assignments. But hopefully next time all the green stuff and rocks will be placed, ready for the sand layer to be put down :)

Until then


Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Gondor inflamed?

I was (and still am) reading a blog based on the game Middle-earth in flames.
except for Rohan and Isengard, here's the initial positions:

And it inspired me to have a go at it, okay I have already played the original Middle-earth in flames amazing btw :), but add a few tweaks to the game.
  • Play for the Gondor Ithilien and Mordor
  • Instead of buying entire armies and heroes, use battle companies, which could generate unique heroes
Of course this means more dice rolling *groans* and rules :(

Until then


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