Dwarf - Goblin special rules

Each company may move one space per turn in marching, and one in retreat.
eg. Garrison to adjacent Food stock/Weapon stash or Fort.

A company in retreat must move to a friendly objective, fort or garrison, if they are unable to then the company dissolves and is removed from the campaign, regardless of how many heroes or warriors remaining.

If a hero is wounded, but not killed in battle and won't recover until the next turn, then this company is unable march during the next turn.
If the company's hero is killed in action then the company dissolves and is removed from the campaign, unless the hero's points value can be made up from the remaining warriors.

Battle resolution

Warrior Recovery table:

Hero(and troll) recovery table:

A food stock within friendly control gives +1 on all hero rolls (This is not cumulative, controlling two food stocks will still only grant +1 on each hero roll).

If either side does not have a weapon stash within it's control then their equipment will suffer from poor maintenance, be less able to penetrate armour, not able to prevent enemy strikes/blows etc. (Taken at the start of a turn)

If an objective or garrison is left unattended then local rebels may choose to abide in it. The exception is the fort with will always be occupied by rebels is left unattended. The end turn in which no company has exited or entered the objective/garrison.

To re-occupy these have to be defeated in the objective scenario (Take the high ground, domination or storm the camp).
Any killed rebels are auto-replenished after each battle (if the rebels win).

To make the fort attacks simpler, the fort walls can be scaled by climbing but count as difficult terrain.

The campaign lasts for ten turns, if one side controls both garrisons at the end of a turn then the game ends. If all the enemy companies have be removed from play, then the game ends.

The game is a draw in the event that both sides have no companies remaining at the end of one turn, or both garrisons are occupied by rebels, or the tenth turn is reached without the winning(/losing) conditions being met.


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