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SBG tournament 6th round High king Vs Rivendell

The final game is here.

The Numenorians face up to the High elves. They have a single victory compared to the elves's 4 wins, a reason to be afraid. If the elves win, they will top the table, and the Men will come third no matter what happens(even if they lose 10-1).

On with the game!

Normal setup

1st turn - Rivendell
The elven forces bound down from the ridge, three stumble over, one is killed by the rocks below. The men move westward towards the walls. The archers are unable to draw a line of fire so resume to moving forward.

2nd turn - High King
The men form a wall by the wall, while Elendil and the captain guard the entrance by the hill. The elves are lead towards the wall, others pass around the trees. The elves with bows fire on Elendil but they fail to pierce his armour.

3rd turn - Rivendell
The elves assault the wall defenders, and move about the nearby ridge. Elendil and the captain charge over the hill into contact an archer each.

Elendil jumps into the nearby elves, cutting two down. The captains fail to wound their adversaries, although the Numenorian does manage a single kill. At the centre of the wall two Men are slaughtered allowing two elves to take their places.

4th turn - Rivendell
The elves gain a foothold across the wall, although one falls before the wall but he is not injured.
Elendil charges at the elves nearby.

Elendil kills two of his opponents, The captain doesn't kill his. By the wall, the elves who had moved over were both killed, leaving a spearman alone by the wall.

5th turn - High King
Elendil charges towards the archers, who fire upon him wounding him, but his fate is with him. The man beside is not so lucky.

The battle at the wall goes to no-ones favour. The captain manages to finally kill the elf archer.

6th turn - High king
Elendil charges at the archers, but the captain attacks him with force.

Elendil wins, wounds the captain (whose fate is not with him) and kills an archer. This leaves the elves broken.

7th turn - Rivendell
The captain orders the elves on Elendil, who is supported by his own captain and a warrior. No elves flee.

Both Elendil and his captain issue heroic combats, but none are killed save for Elendil being wounded by the other captain(-1might), also a man gives way allowing another elf to cross the wall.

8th turn - High king
The forces engage again, two elves flee.

Elendil heroically battles off the elven warriors, then joins combat with his captain. Their fighting outdoes the elf, who is put down by his opposing captain. One more man and elf are killed in this clash.

9th turn - High king
The men charge into the remaining elves, one falls over the wall in his hurry, he sees his fate shimmer in the eyes of a close elf. Him and his kinsmen(kinself?) flee to safer ground.

Elendil blocks strike after strike from the elves, and cuts two down for good measure. The captain fails to remove his opponent.

10th turn - High king
The last elves are beset upon.

Two elves are killed.

11th turn - Rivendell
No elf flees but stand defiant to the last, Elendil kills two and the captain kills the last. 

A very sad loss for the Elves, they came in with so much hope. I guess the walls defeated them, the amount of possible wounds were taken by the wall. In contrast the men have had two straight victories, compared to the last games a complete U-turn, maybe it has served them well?

Now the scores: 7 - 1

  • Rivendell = 1
  • High king = 3 + 1(killing captain) + 2(not being broken) + 1(breaking opponent)
And the kills:

  • Elendil - 7
  • Numenorian captain - 5(elven captain = 3)
  • Elven captain - 0

Which rounds up the final game of the tourney. Tables and tallyings will be up pronto, and the winning force will be announced.

Until then


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