Saturday, 4 August 2012

Face off 2012 1st round Mordor Vs Easterlings

Team analysis: Mordor one of the favourites to win, with greater numbers, and it's easier to wound Easterlings, their only disadvantage Amdur is better than Shagrat.

Setup: Two houses, 6 walls(four big segments,four small segments, arranged differently), two ruins(two statues, two crumpled building parts), four trees and two rocks.

Scenario: Instead of the usual deployment for Ill met by moonlight. I choose to deploy half of each side in each corner.

The board:

1st turn - Easterlings

2nd turn - Mordor
Again the forces move closer

3rd turn - Mordor
Shagrat charges into a couple of Easterlings, but his minions are too far away to engage any other enemies.

The Men of Rhun counter by slinging Amdur into two other orcs.

Both leaders claim two foes apiece. (-1might Amdur) 

4th turn - Easterlings
Amdur, hot with priority, charges Shagrat in a duel. The other Easterlings block other openings. The orcs surround the men blocking the openings.

Amdur attacks the orc twice striking hard into him, but only splits his shield, elsewhere another man is cut down. (-1fate, -1might Shagrat)(-1might Amdur).

5th turn - Mordor
The orcs and men melee another time, Shagrat orders a couple to flank the men, before battling Amdur.

The orc is pushed back and the Easterling's blade finds a chink in the armour. although not fatal, discourages the orc. 

6th turn - Easterlings
The leaders collide again. The flanking orcs trap one man.

Shagrat brings his orc blade upon the man head twice tearing it off. Fortunately for him the helmet saved him. another Man is brought to his knees due to the weight of orcs around, breaking the men. (-1might shagrat)(-1fate Amdur).

7th turn - Easterlings
Amdur rallies his men for a suicide attack. Shagrat grins maliciously. 

The aftermath.... One man stands alone

8th turn - Mordor
Shagrat launches the final engagement. eight dice verses one.

And he crumples to the floor with eight holes and cuts deep into him.

Leaving Mordor as the victor!!

The scores (18 - 4)

  • Mordor = 10pts(winning scenario) + 3pts (killing enemy leader) + 5pts(breaking enemy force) = 18
  • Easterlings = 4pts(losing scenario) = 4

Meaning that the Mordorians go through to battle against the Goblins, in a battle of numbers.
Next time will be Gondor Vs Dwarves in Take and hold.

Until then


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