Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Face-off 2016 Third place The Serpent Horde Vs The Fiefdoms

The fiefdoms eased past the Isengard raiders in the first round, were defeated heavily by the Rohirrim and brought down to earth in the second round. The Haradrim meanwhile, got some revenge over the Easterlings in the first round. But in the next round the Captain of Rivendell showed his prowess, bringing down the serpent lord and claiming the victory. Further both sides are previous winners so this could prove who between them is Top Dog...

The Serpent Horde Vs The Fiefdoms (Take and Hold)
Either force must claim the well by having more models within 3'''/8cm when the battle ends.

Most of Suladan's bodyguard arrive in good order and turn to see a
surprised Duinhur whose warriors are scattered and
only 5 have turned up initially.
Three more of his men hasten to the field, while Suladan and his
last bodyguard arrive. The Gondorians move quickly
to stall what Haradrim they can.
Duinhur then charges two serpent guard preparing to jump over the
wall, while the other swan knights and clansmen
make their way to the well.
Although Duinhur clips the hamstrings of the serpent guards,
Suladan carves up a knight and gallops to the well.
On either side of the barricades the forces fight each other, as another
clansman finally makes his way to the sounds of battle.
Suladan slings and pivots atop his steed cutting down two clansmen.
Meanwhile Duinhur takes down another of the serpent guard.
Suladan senses the battle will turn against him so must remove the
pesky knights guarding the well, but one charges him and grabs his reins.
Duinhur parries aside the Haradrim's attacks and stabs the nearest
guard with a swagger.
Although Suladan kills the rein-grabbing-knight, his side have
been broken, and the well nowhere near taken...
The Gondorians have more models within 3''/8cm, so claim the victory!

The Fiefdoms = 10 + 5 (breaking Haradrim) + 3 (models within 3''/10cm) = 18
The Serpent Horde = 4

Hero Kills
Suladan = 4 (4)
Duinhur = 4 (4)

Again the serpent lord was contained, this time from losing priority consistently and the single model tribute sent to him each turn to prevent him from slicing through too many Gondorians. And so Duinhur could slowly whittle away at his bodyguard and breaking the Haradrim.

With this victory the Fiefdoms claim third place. Up next is the final between Rivendell and Théoden's Host in Domination.

Until then


Sunday, 22 May 2016

Face-off 201 semi-final The Fiefdoms Vs Théoden's Host

The Rohirrim have recorded their first ever victory in the face-offs, but now they face an even harder test; the fiefdoms, a force that recently bowled over the Isengard raiders. The Gondorians have a numerical advantage and throwing spear advantage, but they lack a leader with a fighting prowess at Erkenbrand's level. But that's not too important, so long as they claim the prize and exit the field...

Fiefdoms Vs Théoden's Host (Seize the prize)

Forces setup in opposing corners, they must get off any
board edge with the prize other than the top edge.


There's a brief exchange of spears and arrows,
but only minor cuts and scratches to show for it.
The sides get closer.
Erkenbrand sees that the Gondorians may get there first and urges
his men to attack now! One of the Rohirrim spears a swan knights
barely two foot away, and so Erkenbrand sounds his horn!
A handful of men break off from the main fight to gain the prize, and
one clansman gets on the pointy end of a Rohan spear.
Duinhur, however, dances around the pointy ends slashing apart his two
 opponents in mighty chucks, but sadly two more of his
clansmen fall to the Rohirrim.
The sides engage again, but one Rohan warrior picks up a spade in
his hand and starts digging up soil.

Erkenbrand sees red, and promptly slices through a swan knight
and clansman who appeared to be looking at the Rohan warrior
digging in the midst of battle...
Seeing his men being cut down, the blood becomes too much for
Duinhur and one knight, so leave the field coughing and spluttering.
This leaves three Swan Knights to battle against the numerous
Rohirrim, who've just dug up the prize.

After a few duels, one-sided assaults and Erkenbrand getting
another kill, the last of the Swan Knights is chased off,
but not before stabbing a Royal Guard in the thigh.

So the Rohirrim clear the field of cowardly Gondorians, claim the prize and so the victory!!

Théoden's host = 10 + 5(breaking Gondorians) = 15
Fiefdoms = 4 

Hero kills
Erkenbrand = 3 (3)
Duinhur = 2 (2)

The Rohirrim clearly got the better of the Gondorians early on; and after they had lost a couple of warriors to throwing spears, the SKODA had to either shield to prevent being killed too easily and had to get 6's in order to restore number balance, which put the stats and the individual fights against them, aside from Duinhur fleeing early on completely ruling out any chance of a Gondorian comeback.

With the semis out of the way, the third place battle between the Fiefdoms and the Serpent Horde is next :)

Until then


Thursday, 12 May 2016

Face-off 2016 semi-final Rivendell Vs The Serpent Horde

After cutting through the Mordorians, the elves have made it through and face a very dangerous Haradrim force that got revenge over the Easterlings. The elves have courage and melee skills on their side, however some lucky rolls could lead to a crippling charge from the Serpent Lord. In this case though, the leaders are the prime targets, so they'll ideally be sticking close to their bodyguards.

Rivendell Vs The Serpent Horde (To Kill a King)

Suladan takes centre stage, as both bodyguards move closer.
And then the Serpent Lord calls the charge!
Suladan lops the heads of the nearest elves whilst trotting around,
the elf captain stands around watching this as another elf
gets pieced by a poisoned spear.
But then he orders a counter charge, which takes Suladan by surprise,
so the elf takes a huge slash at him leaving his hors splayed on the
floor and a blood stained thigh. Elsewhere an elf and serpent
guard succumb on either side.
The Serpent Lord rises from the dirt then promptly engages the elf
captain seeing the numbers of elves dwindling.

All the elves hold their ground, and even cut down a couple of
Haradrim, leaving them questioning their chances of victory...

The Elf captain pulls himself together, calls his warriors to charge
Suladan again, who loses his footing against the number of point
spears and blades allowing the captain to stab him in the chest.
And with the Serpent king killed the victory goes to the elves!

Rivendell = 10 + 5(breaking Haradrim) + 3(Killing Suladan) = 18
The Serpent Horde = 4 + 5(breaking Elves) = 9

Hero Kills
Suladan = 2(2)
Elven captain = 1(5)

The elves tried to block Suladan from charging, this wasn't completely successful but the captain managed to contain the Serpent Lord, allowing the other elves to out-do the other Haradrim slowly and the elf captain could bring him down. His bodyguard couldn't reach him through the unyielding elven shields, although both heroes are similarly skilled, the elf captain kept rolling 5's and 6's so he kept losing fights and succumbed. 

Again the Haradrim are denied another chance to fight in the final! And the Elves get their first. Who will meet them there? Fiefdoms Vs Théoden's host in Seize the prize is next...

Until then


Sunday, 8 May 2016

Face-off 2016 1st round Théoden's host Vs Moria

The Rohirrim will go into the this with very little confidence, as last time around they destroyed the Haradrim, but Erkenbrand couldn't get enough kills. But, this time Erkenbrand is only facing pesky low defense goblins. Further that the Goblin captain should be worried as the fight, defense and courage values of the Rohirrim are as good, if not better than his...

Théoden's host Vs Moria (Contest of Champions)
Erkenbrand and the goblin captain are the champions for either force.

The sides get closer together.
The Rohirrim form an ordered line and cast their spears towards
the goblins, who laugh at the feeble attempts.
The goblins engage part of the Rohirrim line, while the rest try to
work out how to throw spears properly. Then Erkenbrand
cuts down the goblin in front of him.
Erkenbrand then orders the charge, and 3 goblins fall down
with spears embedded in them.
Both Erkenbrand and the goblin captain match each other for kills,
however the goblins manage to surround
and cut down two royal guards.
The goblins then hasten into the melee.
And the captain slices through two under-prepared Rohan warriors,
elsewhere Erkenbrand gets yet another kill as another
Rohan warrior is brought down.
The Rohirrim are broken, yet Erkenbrand calls his men to stand their
ground and then charge, spears are flung leaving
another two goblins yelping in pain.
Erkenbrand blows the Horn of Helm Hammerhand, and squishes
two more goblins to break the goblin forces.
Erkenbrand and the goblin shaman call stands fasts, but Erkenbrand
gets the better of the captain driving his sword through his helmet!
More fighting and another goblin succumbs to the Rohirrim spears.
Two goblins can no longer take the pressure and bail out,
still the shaman slices the knees of a Rohan
warrior in a hopeful response.
And again the Shaman sneakily stabs an unsuspecting royal guard.
But soon he yields and Erkenbrand holds the field!
And thanks to many kills from Erkenbrand, it gives the Rohirrim the victory!

Théoden's Host = 10 + 5(breaking goblins) + 3(killing captain) + 6(Erkenbrand kills) = 24
Erebor = 4 + 5(breaking Rohirrim) + 3(Goblin captain kills) = 12

So the Rohirrim have achieved their first victory in the face-offs, and it was partly down to Erkenbrand killing, using might, and his horn effectively if not liberally. Conversely the goblins failed to use their numbers well and so the Rohirrim could use their throwing spears, superior courage, defense and fight values to 'out-kill' them.

However this battle was to find out which champion could kill more, and given the high profile values of Erkenbrand against the warrior values of the goblins, it was always going to be this way.

Hero Kills
Erkenbrand = 6 (8)
Goblin Captain = 3 (3)
Goblin Shaman = 2 (2)

This sets the Rohirrim up to fight the Fiefdoms in the semis. But next is the battle between Rivendell and the Serpent horde in To Kill a King.

Until then


Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Face-off 2016 1st Round Isengard Raiders Vs The Fiefdoms

The Fiefdoms return to the Face-offs again and confront their last enemies, the Isengard raiders, in hope that it will go like it did last time. Lurtz has the same bodyguard, the only difference is that they must take the prize before the Gondorians do.

Neither side has a wounding, move rate, numerical or fight value advantage, so really it's battle of model placement, movement and lucky dice rolls.

Isengard Raiders Vs The Fiefdoms (Seize the prize)

Both sides start off quickly, yet Duinhur gets the first kill,
shooting an uruk in the throat.
More movement towards the site, the uruks keep on firing arrows too.
The Gondorians then charge into the main uruk line, while some 
of each force detach to close in on the artifact.
One uruk gets the worst of the first melee.
The uruks reach the artifact first and block off the nearby Gondorians.
The main forces engage again.
And four more uruks fall to Gondorian steel, one by Duinhur, which
breaks the uruk forces, the only bad thing is that 
an uruk has dug up the artifact.
This uruk hastens to the board edge, while things go more awry
in the center, as Lurtz and co. are surrounded.
Another two uruks are cloven in two by a clansmen, 
and Lurtz gets the worst of the fighting.
The men corner the uruk...
Lurtz is brought to his knees, and killed along with one of his warriors. 
The Uruks have been humbled and the battle is basically over.
The Swan Knight surround the uruk allowing Duinhur
 to fight the pesky thing hand-to-hand.
And from here the uruks were charged until they fled, leaving the Gondorians with the artifact, and the victory!

Fiefdoms = 10 + 5(breaking Uruks) + 3(killing Lurtz) = 18
Isengard Raiders = 4

So the uruks have been utterly defeated, just as they were last time, they didn't get a single kill.

Duinhur got lucky with his first shot, then poor movement from Lurtz and his main group of warriors meant that two of the uruks and Lurtz were not even involved in the fighting for two turns, so a couple got killed, which left the fight very one-sided from that point onward.

The only bit of luck was the uruk digging up the artifact within one turn, however didn't have enough support to prevent the Gondorians surrounding him.

Hero Kills
Duinhur = 2 (2)

This means the Gondorians continue their winning run progressing to the semis, and will face the victor of the next battle: Théoden's Host Vs Moria.

Until then


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