Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Battle for the weapons hill

Durburz looks at his guard as they rest. He then looks to the darkened hill at the weapons stash, where the rain is falling heavily. Still no sign of the dwarves, until one of his guard gives a call.
"King, a fire over there!" He says and points eastwards.
There, for a brief moment, amidst the trees a brand lies flickering but is then extinguished.
"Right gobbos, to arms!" Durburz shouts, and his guard grab their axes. "The dwarves want this hill. Cut them down from it!"

Battle for the weapons hill (Take the high ground)
The goblins have priority so have a 6" head start.

The dwarf archers move to one side.
As the goblins close on the hill an arrow finds a hole in goblin armour.
Orin stands off an assault, so they can shot them from the hill.
But Durburz simply starts to assign his guard defensive positions.
Another goblin falls prey to the dwarf arrows.
Orin notices the darkening clouds, that show his assault
being drawn short, so he orders the attack.
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And Durburz charges with his guard to meet them.
With one falling on either side.
Both sides rush into each other again
A couple of dwarves try the flank.
The dwarves can't use their numbers to their advantage.
More fighting.
The dwarves now have a presence on the hilltop.
Durburz punches Orin in the face, leaving him unconscious,
two prowlers suffer a similar fate.
The clouds darken further and the goblin numbers grow thin.
But Durburz calls his goblins to hold their ground, as more
dwarves pour onto the hilltop.
And one of the dwarves is killed away from it.

Durburz sees the fear growing in the prowlers eyes and his voice
echoes a resounding Stand fast! across the hill, the dwarves
manage to summon a melee.

Durburz stabs the nearest dwarf in the neck, as another of his
guard fall to the dwarves and the sky darkens to a pitch black.
Both sides retreat from the field, having seen what each other is capable of.

Durburz lost 6 prowlers : two recover immediately and four will miss the next turn. Durburz recovers 2 might and 2 will but no fate. Durburz (2) (2/2/0).
Orin's company lost their captain and 3 dwarves : Two Dwarves recover and one was killed. Orin recovers 1 might, 1 fate and 1 of his wounds. Orin (1) (2/1/1)

Orin gathered his warriors around him. They hadn't managed to rescue their killed comrade from the melee. The fear of the Goblin king had been instilled in their hearts, his bellowing voice had keep all the goblins in line, and the dwarves were close to securing the hill but for the fading light. The goblins would've had too much of an advantage, they had to retreat.
"Those goblin scum!" Orin shouted. "Gimli will hear of this, they sit smugly atop the hill and defile one of brothers!" He was then interrupted by one of their scouts.
"My lord, Gimli comes from the north. He bids you return to the garrison" he said.
"What, how?!" Orin was confused, this meant the hill wasn't taken by goblins at all.
He then thought to the fort.
Only defended by Hatain against possibly the entire goblin army....

Until then


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