Saturday, 25 April 2015

Dwarves - Goblin Campaign Turn 3 end and Turn 4

The goblin besiegers are pushed back and the dwarf army makes home of the fort. The goblin forces have been dealt a huge blow, although only a handful are dead, many are wounded still wounded. This leaves them with a huge task on their hands.

None of the three objectives become occupied by local rebels.

Turn 4

The dwarves have had a small glitch in their plans, they haven't been able to maintain their equipment sufficiently, so suffer a -1 fight penalty.

Durburz, seeing the weakness in the dwarves, marches his bodyguard of prowlers to the weapon stash nearby, the other companies remain at the garrison.

Gimli realises the danger and sends Orin to deal with the goblin king, while he returns to the garrison to recover the rest of his bodyguard. Hatain watches over the fort.

"Orin!" Calls Hatain. "Your orders are here." He walks into his tent and reads the message.
"This is ill news indeed. Our current equipment is in poor order already." States Orin.
"And we both know that if Durburz secures the hill and the weapons stash, the conditions will worse, until we can no longer fight them."
"Then there only is one thing for it."
"But what of the southern goblins, will they not attack after?" Asked Hatain, fearfully.
"Do not fear then. Gimli will come if such a thing were to happen." He turned to leave. "I shall muster my warriors." They gave each other a nod of respect before Orin left.

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