Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Dwarves - Goblin Campaign Turn 1

Gimli and Durburz have set up their camps and have prepared their warriors for fighting and marching.

Both sides move to secure the adjacent food stocks and weapon stashes. Greszif and Orin to separate food stocks, Blayser and Hatain to different weapon stashes. While their leaders remain at their respective garrisons.

As none of the forces encounter any resistance in claiming the objectives; this concludes the first turn of action.

The goblins should focus on keeping both food stocks. This will mean more goblins, which are easily wounded, can be recovered at the end of the turn and hopefully the dwarves can be ground down by successive waves of gobbins.

The dwarves on the other hand would do well to secure the Fort as their warriors are very good defensively and concentrate on getting a few early victories, to reduce the overall number of goblins, before their numbers dwindle...

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