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Battle for the fort

Blayser and Greszif were newly recruited captains with only a hint of sense, but had their strength lie in killing dwarves. So that is why they were ordered to attack the fort, also knowing that Gimli would have to respond to the siege or forfeit the field too easily.
"Send both trolls at the gate to batter it down!" Cried Greszif.
"Then the Dwarves will squish us between the rebels and them!" Blayser answered.
"I'll kill them both anyway! And you afterwards if your not carful!"
Then to the relief of all goblins warriors ,a scout arrived.
"Captains, good news." He said. "Some of the dwarves are arriving later than we though."
After they were told both captains smiled.
"You take the gate, and I'll deal with these dwarven scum then!" Greszif said.
And neither could disagree...

Battle for the fort (To the death/Until submission)


The goblins close in on the walls, either side exchange arrows
and spears to little effect.

The troll runs into the gate, rattling the hinges. Goblins line the walls
preparing to climb, then spears are flung down catching two goblins
off guard, one arrow finds the mark on a rebel archer.

Greszif, a goblin captain, orders his minions around the west wall,
as a couple of goblins scale the wall.

Fortunately as well as Gimli and his guard arrive.

Two goblins slip on the walls and fall to their deaths,
the rest scale it effortlessly.

Gimli throws an axe that promptly knocks a goblin head over heels.

Blayser, the goblin captain, cuts his way onto the wall 

The defenders repel the goblins, who keep climbing back up.
Meanwhile the troll has been unable to break down the gate.

Gimli and Greszif engage on each other

The other troll squishes the nearest guard.

Two goblins and a rebel fall in the melee.

The flanking khazad guard becomes flanked, as Gimli attacks the troll,
the other guard hold off the other goblins.

Goblins pour over the eastern wall.

One kill on either side

The troll smashes another guard, as two more
succumb to goblin blades around him.

The walls are very close to being over-run by goblins.

Gimli calls his last guards with him as they hurry to the trees.
The troll, Greszif and goblins follow eagerly to complete the rout.

The defenders push the goblins back, only to be surrounded again.

Gimli and his guards are caught in a vicious melee.

Greszif stabs one guard through the eye-hole, but Gimli does one
better, ducking and dodging cutting rent after rent in the troll's hide,
until it flops on the floor.

The troll finally breaks part of the gate away, but it still prevents
entrance, as two more goblins and a rebel Killed on either side.

Then Orin arrives with his dwarf warriors.

And so does Hatain.

The goblins have a dominance over the walls, but still
either side slice through one of each other.

Gimli and his guard down one each. As Greszif flees to the wall,
one of his warriors is caught in the throat in the dwarf cross-fire.

The troll stops attacking the gate, anticipating the numerous oncoming
dwarves, and waits on the goblins inside to let him in.

One of Greszif's warriors flees the field, Orin chops into a goblin
Sprawling on the floor, leaving black blood in it's place.

One of the rebels jumped into the keep, to prevent the goblins simply
opening the gate. One more succumb on each side to the fighting.

One Goblin manages to reach the gate...

And lets the troll in! Orin's and Hatain's warriors make the long way
around to the gate. Orin stumbles across another goblin on the floor,
and he meets the same fate as the last.

One of the goblins gets shot off his feet by the dwarf archers. Two
more gobbos are cut down in the keep, and one more rebel gets
pierced by the goblins.

Blayser and two more flee from the approaching dwarf mass.
Gimli manages to climb over the wall into the keep.

The gate was nearly closed, but for one goblin losing his footing.

The rebels desperately engage the stray goblins and troll.

Two more rebels fall. And at that point the goblin forces
concede the battle...
Gimli lost five guard: One was killed, four will recover next turn. Gimli regains 1 might.

Greszif lost 9 goblins: five recovered immediately, two will recover next turn and two were killed.
Blayser lost 14 goblins and a troll: The troll recovers one wound and misses next turn, Six recovered immediately, five will recover next turn and three were killed.

"Let them go!" Gimli calls down to the other dwarf captains. And they do.
The three captains meet the handful of wounded or alive rebels, one of them greets the dwarves.
"I would like to express my gratitude, if you had not come, we wold surely not be alive." He says. "We would offer our services to continue to protect this fort from further evils."
"It is not needed, although It pleases me to see others fight the goblins such as we do." Gimli replied. "We can protect this fort sufficiently, and can offer you a safe return to your homes should you wish it."
But the rebel looked evilly at Gimli, as if the fort was still his to control, and that letting the dwarves garrison it would be against his orders. Yet the rebel conceded knowing the strength of his men against the entire dwarf army. They left by sundown.

"The rebels are not best pleased by our actions, rather that they could not overcome us in that instance." Queried Orin afterwards.
"That is true, they will side with whoever is stronger. Today that was us if you had not arrived when you did." Gimli answered.
"There is still work to do, the Goblin garrison is in sight, we must know of Durburz' intentions. At least before the entire army is put to test." Hatain added.
"And we shall find out by the looks of things" Orin replied, observing a dwarf messenger returning from the west. "Messenger, what are the lays of the enemy!" He called.
"Not under the gaze of the enemy scouts Orin!" Shouted Gimli. "Open the gate!"
After Gimli and the messenger had spoke briefly, before he left again, Gimli returned to the captains with orders...

Until then


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