Monday, 13 April 2015

Dwarves - Goblins Campaign (Set-up)

So to outline what my intentions are, here is the map:

An army of dwarves and one of goblins have camped in the same region; looking to secure the allegiance of the neutral men in the nearby town.

After both sides set about their supplies and prepare for diplomatic talks. But noticing the presence of their enemies, neither side can afford to back down, as whoever can secure this field will surely gain a key advantage in the war between goblins and dwarves...


(1) Gimli
6 Khazad Guard

(2) Orin Dwarf captain - Two handed axe
12 Dwarf warriors (4x bows, 4x shields, 4x two-handed axes)

(3) Hatain Dwarf captain - Shield
12 Dwarf warriors (4x bows, 4x shields, 4x two-handed axes)

(1) Durburz
8 Prowlers - Two-handed axes

(2) Greszif Goblin captain - Shield
Troll (spear)
18 goblins (6x bows, 6x shields, 6x spears)

(3) Blasyer Goblin captain - Shield
18 goblins (6x bows, 6x shields, 6x spears)

Special rules

By capturing food stocks or weapons stashes, this allows the forces to be replenished easier, their equipment to be properly maintained and therefore their fight/defence values to be maintained.

The turn phases are as follows
  • Priority
  • Move - One space per turn (no straight access from garrison to fort)
  • Fight - Order (decided by player with priority), Resolution, Retreat (to friendly space or destroyed)
  • End - Unit revival, Hero healing
The fort is occupied by 12 rebels (Warriors of Rohan), this can be captured by winning a battle there, all units lost are auto-replenished, this represents the rebels access to the lay of the land, troops, food provisions etc. etc.
Once captured the fort must be manned by at least two models or the rebels will take back control over it.

Battles for objectives on the hills are Take the high ground scenarios, the other two objectives are Domination scenarios, Garrison battles are Storm the camp scenarios (but with one camp), and the fort battles are To the death scenarios.

The campaign lasts ten turns, after this point the 'neutral' men will not side with either dwarves or goblins; as there is too much turmoil between warriors. Too much killing has occurred.

To win, one side must either remove all enemy units from the field or capture the enemy Garrison.

Specific details will be provided on one of the pages along the top.

Until then


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