Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Dwarves - Goblin Campaign Turn 3 beginning

The goblins have laid siege to the fort, to prevent the dwarves from taking it and forming too stiff resistance for them to contain. The rebels inside however have not sallied forth yet, the goblins appear to have supremacy over the field surrounding it.
The dwarves have done very little but secure two of the objectives, a food stock and a weapon stash.

The goblins then realise that the dwarves will not stand let the fort be taken so lightly. So Blayser is sent to re-force the siege there.

Gimli, along with the other two dwarf captains, launches an all out attack on the fort.

So Gimli is going all out to secure the fort, as the goblins must rush to claim it's walls before the dwarves do or surely they will dominate this field and all the others....

Until then


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