Friday, 1 May 2015

Dwarves - Goblin Campaign Turn 4 end and Turn 5

Both sides took losses, but neither could claim the weapons stash. The goblins came off worst with half of the prowlers missing the next turn. The dwarves are pretty much still at full strength (-1 Dwarf).

The other weapon stash is taken over by a company of 12 rebels.

Turn 5

Gimli manages to find a way for the dwarves to maintain their equipment despite all odds.
The goblins have on the other hand have not and suffer a -1 fight penalty.

Gimli takes the initiative to secure the previously contested weapons stash from the start. Orin remains at the garrison and Hatain at the fort.

Durburz sees his opportunity, and orders an all out assault on the fort.

Durburz was quite pleased with himself. The dwarves, although they held the fort, could not attack them without the risk of the rebels occupying their garrison, the weapon stash had to be secured or they would lose defensive advantages, which left one company stationed at the fort.
His scouts had pointed that Gimli was moving South-West not South, so this meant that the fort laid ripe for the taking. And only Hatain stood in his way...

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