Sunday, 19 April 2015

Dwarves - Goblins Campaign Turn 2

In the last turn both sides secured a weapons stash and food stocks each, all without encountering any resistance.

Gimli gives order to hold the objectives they have, let the goblins make the first move. Durburz moves to the nearest food stock, and Greszif marches on the fort preparing for a siege.

Gimli was standing in his tent when a dwarf messenger hastens inside.
"What brings you back so hastily?" Gimli asks.
"My lord, news from the field." He replies "the goblins are on the move, one company has barred access to the fort."
"Have the rebels sallied forth yet?"
"Apparently not, they have no recognisable leader among them, or at least they fear the goblin's troll too much." Then Gimli thought for a moment.
"Well, I need you to send word to Hatain and Orin, or our hopes will fade too quickly."
"By the time I reach both of them, it will surely be too late!"
"Do not worry about that! Just send the messages."
"Yes my lord." And the messenger rushed from the dwarf lord.

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