Friday, 2 August 2013

The treasure of Gateway Bridge

Mainz paced back and forth by the camp-fire, the scout should have been back by now.
Until finally he showed. 
"And what grants your lateness?" Mainz enquired.
"Lack of food sir" he replied.
"Wouldn't that make you come back quicker?"
"The good news sir." Still Mainz had a frown which few men could withstand."The Harardrim are also out of supplies." This softened Mainz slightly.
"We are still out of food ourselves!" Mainz shouted. "Asten, what food can we get in the surrounding area?"
"Not much, and there is no doubt Rathin will be searching for some too." Asten informed.
"Rathin is not in command, he was wounded in our taking of north Harnen." Said the scout.
"So we must gather sufficient supplies and take the bridge." Grimaced Mainz, then looked angrily at his men. "Well armour up! We attack them, food or no food!" To which they hurried around the fire gathering their equipment and weapons. Mainz had turned angry recently, they hoped it was only because of the minimal food... 

General Mainz Vs Lieutenant Rathin (Treasure hunt)

Players must gather treasure counters and deploy them at the bridge. Once all have been collected, the game ends on a 1-2 on a D6. players may not steal deployed counters, but can steal un-deployed counters. Each deployed counter gains the deploy-er +1exp.


Sanas moves to the rocks
while the ranger picks up two treasure counters
The Haradrim uncover four counters, two were deposited at the bridge
One finds a warg, the other two find one each
Failing to kill the warg it disappears
More moving
Sanas finds one treasure counter and continues to the next counter
Asten also finds one treasure counter and moves towards the hill
The ranger deposits his treasure counters

Sanas finds a warg
This man gets his second treasure counter
And the first for this one
Both sides engage
Sanas couldn't wound the beast, yet it disappears
Mainz bashes his shield against the corporal
who topples back unconscious 
Asten picking up his second and hastening back to the bridge
The Haradrim engaging Mainz and co.
This time Thuralion does the bashing
Almost all the treasure has been collected
Mainz moves over the bridge to intercept the Haradrim bearers
before they deposit their counters
Getting his third
Mainz and co. engaging to detain and evil victory
Sanas deploys his first, tie-ing the score
One Haradrim pierces Mainz' armour,
however the blow misses and flesh
And the game ends!
Giving a draw and both sides gain 100R. Mainz retreats east of the bridge, and Rathin north although he fails his scouting roll so remains at Gateway bridge.

Each plunder package deployed grants the deploy-er 1exp. and inside each package are:
  1. Nothing
  2. Food
  3. Food
  4. 100R of weapons/armour
  5. Roll on the recruitment table
  6. Roll on specials table (below)
Roll on 2D6
  • Ring of power(+1will/might points to bearer) (4/5)
  • Hardened steel sword/spear/t-h-axe (+1 to wound) (6/8)
  • Mithril armour (replace armour, +3 defence) (2/12)
  • Staff of awakening (one free immobilise(+3) per battle) (3/11)
  • Orb of fate (free priority once per battle) (9/10)

In the Gondorian camp both other members recover, also Mainz gains +1wounds. In the packages they find plenty of food sufficient for two turns.

In the Haradrim camp Rathin recovers along with both corporals, but one gains an old battle wound and +1wounds too. In the packages they find 100R of weapons and armour(5x shields and a suit of heavy armour). 

Mainz was less bitter after the battle, although he still called it a small melee. They had retreated east, and they were wary of the defencelessness of north Harnen.
"Sir?" It was Asten back from checking the perimeter. "The Haradrim are still at the bridge."
"But we saw them retreat just as we did." Then Mainz thought for a moment."They couldn't get through the forest?"
"Yes, also they seem to have acquired some better armour, but by the looks of things they still haven't got any food."

"Curses! Our arrows will be next to useless." Mainz sunk his head, first they had failed to take the bridge, and now his enemies were growing stronger. "at least we have plenty of food" He said grimly "Ready the men, we need to move fast."

Rathin awoke resting against the bridge wall, he then raised himself to find his corporals washing in the river.
"What is this!" He ordered. they looked at each other.
"We dare not disobey the dark lord so we poisoned your soup." Replied one.
"And what of Mainz?" Rathin asked.
"We could not defeat him in combat, so we ran. He didn't pursue us, and it was for the better, we almost got lost in southern Ithilien." 
"Looks like you two earned yourselves two pints!" Rathin roared, "I hoped you would come to your senses, I had to check you both weren't spies." The corporals smiled briefly, It was a little far to go to check they were legitimate. Then they said.
"We have no food or ale for that matter, we checked in the packages by the bridge. We only found five shields and a suit of armour, which we left for you sir."
"To think I was pleased with the two of you!" Rathin had an evil look upon his face, Mainz would return and stronger than before. "Prepare the men!" He ordered "we shall either march or fight!"

Until then


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