Thursday, 15 August 2013

Battle of North Harnen

General Mainz Vs Lieutenant Rathin


Rathin's shot takes out a peasant
One trying to evade to defences
The peasant responds with a axe to Rathin's stomach
The peasants shift their line
Another peasant downing a Haradrim
The Haradrim's blows strike the wall,
allowing the peasant to carve a blow into the attackers chest
The corporal rallies the other man to attack to wall
Mainz arrives
They move to increase the chances of wounding
Both remaining Haradrim lose heart and flee!
Giving the Gondorians a major victory and 400R!
Lieutenant Rathin retreats back to Gateway bridge.

In north Harnen the wounded peasant makes a full recovery.
Thuralion gains +1wounds, Sanas gains +1attacks, the ranger Urthor gains +1strength, and CG 4 gains favour of the court special rule.

In the Haradrim camp Rathin makes a full recovery, as does one other warrior, the final wounded warrior was killed, so they had to omit him.
Rathin gains +1might, and his second corporal gains +1courage.

The peasants cheered as the Haradrim fled. Then Mainz arrived at north Harnen.
"You began the celebrations!" He cried.
"Well your force was barely needed, save to scare off the remaining Haradrim." One of the peasants managed to respond.
"Forgive us for arriving, I would have made you captain. We feared that north Harnen would be claimed." Mainz managed. 
At least Rathin had retreated to Gateway bridge so they could push him further into Ithilien.
A major victory had been achieved here.

Rathin arrived at Gateway bridge for the second time. His warriors were becoming fewer by the battles. Soon they may have to make a final stand. 
Mainz couldn't be defeated in battle by him, but he could hold him off from turning his attentions to the west, where his real problems were.
"Men!" He called. "We have been defeated again, yet the war lies within grasp." He soldiers believed him little. " Vashner and the goblins west of here press into Gondorian soil, to be claimed as ours! If we engage Mainz before their forces can muster, they can be victorious and Gondor will crumble from within!" 
His men stood more aloof at least, they would manage another attack before blame would be set, and he was on the receiving end.

Until then


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