Monday, 26 August 2013

Gondor in Flames Turn 14

The last turn consisted of Rathin being pushed back by Mainz and the peasants at north Harnen
Cair Andros was claimed by Nethar and the riders of Rohan
The goblin captain defeated Io at Lossarnach
Luthyre defeats a rogue warband
Haldran was defeated by a rogue warband.

The Gondorians get priority and gather 1600R to Mordor's 1000R.

The steward calls up the service of six peasants, two for Pelargir, two for west Druadan, two for Cair Andros.
Meanwhile the Dark lord calls up two peasants at north Ithilien.

Mainz attacks Rathin again at Gateway bridge.
Io manages two hexes to reach Pelargir.
Haldran manages one hex towards the goblins, before encountering a group of rogues.
Oira had attacks the goblins.
Dengond manages one hex north before meeting a large band of rogues.
Luthyre manages to assault north Ithilien.
The riders of Rohan attack Corgoth.
Aerun moves just outside Cirth Ungol

Anersk turns east and attacks Cair Andros.

Vashner turns north to assist the goblins against Oira
Jurasin finally reaches the Nurn settlement.

The Rogue captain and his company turn up at the goblins' camp.

So.....five battles, and two more battles against rogues.

But as a special feature the two battles around Cair Andros, Anersk Vs Nethar and riders of Rohan Vs Corgoth, will be linked, more info next time...

Mainz is very likely to defeat Rathin at Gateway bridge.
Oira will have a hard time gaining any victory over the goblins and Vashner, but the Rogue captain's company could side with them, or the goblins and create a massacre. Again more info before the battle...

Luthyre faces his first major challenge as second in command, trying to secure a settlement.
Dengond faces the largest rogue warband of 200 points just outside Osgiliath, and Haldran faces another 50 point company, but this time Haldran's riders will be at full strength.

Until then


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