Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Gondor in Flames turn 13 end

Previously this turn:
Mainz pushed Rathin back to Gateway bridge
Io was defeated at Lossarnach
Cair Andros was claimed by Nethar and the riders of Rohan
Luthyre defeated a band of rogues
Haldran was defeated by a clutch of warg riders

Vashner sits at the edge of Pelargir and could claim it if Io doesn't manage to return in time.
Luthyre also sits in an attacking position, but if Nethar or the riders of Rohan attack Corgoth, north Ithilien could be claimed.
Anersk is probably craving attention right now, so an attack on Minas Tirith is within reason.
Rathin will probably attack Mainz again to keep him occupied.

Good Evil
Capital 100 300
Settlements 1000 600
Battles 1400 200
Other 40 20
Supplies -124 -98
Expenses -400 -600
Total 2016 422

Making the Gondorian total at 7620R and the Mordorian at 1474R

The steward sat in his office in Minas Tirith, he had plenty of letters to send to lieutenants and General alike, especially since Nethar had reported that the orcs were mobilising, a large battle was imminent in the North. Also Luthyre had reported a rogue banner at north Ithilien. Not within their territory, but it was a sign that the rogues were rising up, or should be paid more attention. 
Despite this news of the rogue captain had run dry. It would be nice to have an asset like that, since his own captain, Bestir, was too far away to make much difference.
"Sir more news" came from the door, the messenger clearly hadn't knocked.
"Knock next time! Or I'll have you re-housed down a level!" The steward shouted before reading the message, which told of Oira finding of the rogue captain in the enemy camp, and the ensuing battle. This was unexpected....

Until then


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