Monday, 19 August 2013

Gondor in Flames turn 13 other battles

"What news?" asked Luthyre.
"Nothing, only the warband is smaller than we anticipated" Yaion responded.
"We have to win here, Nethar sends word of the capture of Cair Andros. Corgoth will hurry to support Keresk, and therefore blocking our assault on north Ithilien." Yaion was just as worried, but only partially for the same reason. 
Luthyre was becoming more obsessed over the past month. His promotion was unexpected, but everyone knew he deserved it.
Yaion's thoughts were broken by the approach of the rogues, they even had a banner....

Lieutenant Luthyre Vs rogue Gondor(100pts) (The chance encounter)


The bowmen get in range
One miraculously takes a kill
And the same bowman takes another!
Facing off here
The rogues meet the opposing battle line
Luthyre engages the back of the rogue's line
Luthyre takes the banner bearer, and a guard take one too
The banner picked back up
Luthyre and co. attack again
And again
Yaion and the banner bearer get one each
More fighting
And more
The same bowman gets another
Again more fighting
And another, reducing the rogues below 25%
Giving the Gondorians a major victory and 400R!

In the Gondorian camp the wounded archer recovers.
Yaion gains +1strength, CG7 gains +1fight, The spearman is promoted to citadel guard, like the heroic archer, who is promoted to a ranger and gains +1fate.

Haldran was lying against a rock, resting. His corporal Hithum assumed command, they had been told of rogues in the area so abstained from vigorous marching. Io was now beyond their reach.

"Sir, a group of wargs approaches." Stated his scout.
"Wargs? Not orcs?" Asked Hithum, this would make things harder than he planned.

Lieutenant Haldran Vs Rogue Mordor(50pts) (Breakthrough)


Closing into combat
The riders and warg melee, whilst the corporal tries to prevent flanking
Successfully flanking, while the Rohirrim are engaged
The guard holds the wargs, while the other rider fights the flanker
And the guard falls to the wargs
The flanking warg was only 1cm away from freedom!
Same goes for the other warg, yet still no warg rider has escaped yet.
The corporal cutting down the orc, yet his warg still stands
The other rider smashes the other orc's skull, letting his warg flee free
And the remaining two warg riders escape, finally.
Giving the rogues a minor victory!
Haldran's company retreats north-east.

In the Rohirrim camp the wounded guard recovers.
The other rider fails his promotion.

"This is bad!" Shouted Hithum. "They broke our line, they could easily attack Minas Tirith."
"But sir, they'll be easily repelled" pointed the royal guard.
"At what cost? Reduced production of food, water and so forth." Hithum would be fined at the very least, and not to mention Haldran's rage at his failed leadership.
"Sir, a rider is here, with Haldran's orders." Hithum stopped his rant.
"Right, I shall visit him then." The corporal now had to take responsibility for his actions.

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