Sunday, 11 August 2013

Gondor in flames turn 13

Previously the siege of Minas Tirith was broken, with the goblin captain and Anersk being cast out
Vashner was defeated at Osgiliath by Aerun, Dengond and Bestir.
Mainz drew with Rathin at Gateway bridge.

The Mordorians gain priority and gather 900R, meanwhile the Gondorians gather a slightly greater 1100R. 

The dark lord calls up three recruits, the first an orc tracker on warg (Warsh) goes to Corgoth at Cair Andros, the second a Haradrim with spear to Keresk at north Ithilien, the third a Mordor Uruk-hai (Eathrug) to Morge at Cirth Ungol.

In Minas Tirith The steward orders the services of one peasant at Osgiliath.
Also he sends for two recruits for Dengond, to which a knight of Minas Tirith and of Dol Amroth (Caorn) rally to his company.

In the south Jurasin manages one hex before coming across a rogue warband which retreats before they encounter each other.
Vashner manages three hexes stopping outside Pelargir.
The goblins attack Io to prevent him from returning to Pelargir.
Anersk Manages two hexes north.

Haldran manages a single hex before encountering 50pts of rogue Gondorians.
Oira tries to aid Io by a different route but only manages a single hex.
Luthyre manages two hexes before encountering 100pts of rogue Gondorians.
Mainz counter attacks north Harnen.
Nethar and the riders of Rohan attack Cair Andros.

One battle, two sieges, and two rogue attacks.

The goblins are likely to win their confrontation with Io and could pierce deep in Gondor territory.
Cair Andros could be taken or withstand the assault, given the numbers on each side.
North Harnen could be claimed if Mainz doesn't return in time.
Luthyre faces a hard challenge against a number of rogues, where he is the only asset of his force, for now at least.

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