Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Attack on Cair Andros

Corgoth stood atop one of the barriers of the outer defences. 
They could hold the Gondorians and possibly the Rohirrim, if they were lucky. The peasants would have to pull some slack though. He reached for his whip.
"The peasants are here.....sir" Came from his corporal who slid away.
"Good!" Corgoth answered."Send them in maggot!"
Just his luck. He could force a victory, or at least he hoped.

Lieutenant Nethar and The Riders of Rohan Vs Lieutenant Corgoth


The corporal's arrow finds it's mark at Warsh's warg, who topples from
the dead warg, his head smacking the wall rendering him unconscious
The riders of Rohan throw their spears, to little effect
The riders engage either side of the wall
The riders throw again, splicing a peasant and an orc
The captain carves up a peasant and orc
Corgoth wins the heroic move roll off
Things are very bleak for the orcs here
The riders engage the wall section, and the captain is surrounded
Nethar survives one orc's attempt to kill him,
a foothold is gained at the wall, one rider falls to a peasant
The riders butcher a peasant, while the captain only receives a single wound
Surrounding over here
This gateway is still held by orcs
The bowman proving himself, and two peasants are downed
Two riders downed in similar fashion,
and the wall section is almost completely overrun
The Gondorians ensnaring the orcs
The other gateway is overrun,
but orcs are still present so the game continues
Nethar claims one, a warrior another
A peasant manages to wound the captain, which is saved by fate.
Another rider wounded, and Corgoth is scarred to death by the riders
 The Gondorians round up the remaining orcs.
Who are still just within the settlement boundaries
The captain claims one, another rider also claims one,
the other spears the orc corporal in the throat,
The final orc hero is surrounded
And finished
Giving the Gondorians the victory and 600R! (400R Major victory+200R taking settlement) Corgoth retreats north-east of Cair Andros.

Inside Cair Andros three of the peasants were found dead, and one will miss the next turn along with one rider of Rohan, the other riders and peasants recovered from their wounds.One of the swordsmen was promoted to a citadel guard, while one bowman failed his promotion and Cpl D gains an extra wound.

North-east of Cair Andros, Corgoth makes a full recovery(+1fate), two warriors will miss the next turn, all others make full recoveries. Except Cpl K and one warrior who were found prone after the battle. Warsh was promoted to corporal in his absence (+1fate).

Nethar gathered the men, and they drank heartily into the morning. 

Corgoth had retreated northwards, so they cold turn their attentions towards Anersk, who was either advancing on Cair andros or North Druadan.
"What news of Anersk?" Asked Nethar.
"None, but he must be removed from this side of the river, or destroyed completely." the captain answered.
It was a sad truth, Anersk's company was becoming powerful, too powerful for Nethar to handle.
"Even if you pursued them we would be left vulnerable." Nethar said. "Luthyre is also exposed to both Keresk and Corgoth if he attacks north Ithilien. We could aid him, but Cair Andros would be left, again, exposed." 
"Yet we cannot leave Anersk to claim the Northern settlements!" Argued the captain. Then Nethar looked at the man of Rohan with a smile. "No! We cannot!" Shouted the captain. "The steward would be furious! Not to mention the trouble we would put the people of Gondor through!"
"It is our best option" Nethar said and maybe it was...

Corgoth hated running, even more so from a battle. Despite the fact that orcs had little pride, they boasted it with great voices. 

"Warsh!" He called.
"How much of the supplies did you pack!"
"Are you sure scum! I'll have your right-arm if you fail me!" Boomed Corgoth, clearly angry at the defeat.
"Anersk still hasn't responded to your last message" stated Warsh.
"Obviously as the Gondorians control all the ways over the river!" Then a thought struck Corgoth. "What about Keresk?"
"Glad you asked" he smiled and handed him the letter after bustling it out of his carry-bag.

Until then


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