Saturday, 17 August 2013

Battle of Lossarnach

Io had been up all night with his men, no help from Oira or Haldran was coming. 
His first battle could easily be his first defeat. The same happened for Oira, but he wanted his to end differently.
"How can we defeat them again?" Asked his first corporal.
"There are five food stores over the field, as placed for security measures." Io lectured.
"And a fine job they did(!)"Muttered his other corporal in jest.
"The goblins will have stores of their own, but to remain here for long they will have to claim some." Io continued in spite of the comment.
"So whoever gets more stays here longer?" pointed his first corporal.

Lieutenant Io Vs Goblin Horde (Control)


The archers fire on the flanking goblin
The goblins claim the well, but the Gondorians attack the vulnerable
But only one goblin wounded
The goblins turn to attack 
One bowman is caught by a lucky goblin arrow
The troll squishes another
Then advances on Io, who looses his last arrow
The captain thrusts his sword into the Gondorian's chest, gutting the man
Only one kill until the Gondorians are broken, so they engulf them
Downing two
Io survives the troll's assault
Meaning the Gondorians are broken and the game ends,
The goblins control 3 to the Gondorians 2 food stores

Giving the Goblins a minor victory 4-2 and 200R!
Io retreated west of the goblin's position.

The wounded goblin recovers in the goblin camp.

In the Gondorian camp, all of the wounded recover except the gutted spearman and the corporal who lost one of his legs, therefore will miss the next turn.

Io was dragging the dead spearman away from enemy lines. 

He wanted him to be buried properly, and not defiled by the goblins. 
Arrows came close but none would hit him. Goblins preferred scared enemies, so they might flee in the proper battles, rather than vengeful, blood-lusting men who were much more dangerous.
One of his corporals came to help him, and together they managed to move the corpse, an ill mood was upon his soldiers. They would have to retreat, easiest road was west, maybe the result would be different next time...

The goblins cheered as they had not done in a while, and the captain had the right to brag, his third victory, second over the gondorians. Yet still they were in a bad position, no settlement to defend, few warriors to defend one with or attack in open combat.

"Right maggots! settle down for a while reinforcements come." He re-assured them, not that it was necessary "And bring some meat!" He added.
"Sir" came from one goblin.
"The scouts report a company on the hill."
"That is good news." And the captain smiled."BRING THE MEAT!"

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