Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Gondor in Flames turn 12 end

The past three battles concluded with Mainz drawing with Rathin
Haldran and Oira forcing a victory over the Goblin captain and Anersk
Dengond, Aerun and captain Bestir reclaiming Osgiliath

Lieutenant Jurasin is approaching the last neutral settlement.
The riders of Rohan and Lieutenant Nethar are assembled outside Cair Andros, so Corgoth will have a hard time defending it against them.
Lieutenant Io is within attacking range of the goblins, although they could overpower him.
Lieutenants Luthyre and Keresk have both remained idle for some time now.
News of the rogue captain, is that he is two hexes south of Minas Tirith. Still un-acquired by either side.

Rathin will be charged double for their supplies this turn, Mainz has gained 14R's worth of supplies so will be deduced from the sum this turn.

Good Evil
Capital 100 200
Settlements 1000 800
Battles 1100 100
Other -20 -50
Supplies -99 -107
Expenses -1600 -1600
Total 481 -657

Giving grand totals of 5604R for the Gondorians and 1052R for the Mordorians

The Gondorians still have a large sum of resources available to dispose, but their companies aren't very well placed or supported well enough.
On the other Hand the Mordorians don't have a good supply of resources so reinforcements will be few and far between.

Aerun and Dengond sat at their large table with four corporals and captain Bestir. Things were looking up for now at least.
"Luthyre has asked for one of the companies to return to Minas Morgul after he departs." Gerthil stated.
"Mainz is coming north also, so we will have to be wary of Rathin too" pointed One-arm.
"What news of the rogue captain, and does the steward want to pursue him?" asked Dengond.
"No news, only that Io soon could be swamped by orcs, from the goblins and Vashner. Besides he has to defend Fief pass and Pelargir, with no battle experienced members" said Aerun. "We can't let the Dark lord split our companies apart! He is stretching our forces and attacking in number, Io won't hold the goblins for long unless Oira moves from Minas Tirith." 
"So we must both depart Osgiliath leaving it exposed to save Pelargir, Fief pass, and Minas Morgul." Dengond stated with heavy words.
"I think I have an idea" Huos said quietly. "It might give us some advantage, but enough maybe to force them into their own lands."

The goblin captain hurried his goblins away from the Gondorian walls. A bitter defeat, the Gondorians had forced another victory, in hindsight they needed at least another company to break further onto the walls. Haldran's distraction had prevented Dwarves from backing away. and a cursed archer that took down too many goblins.

"Sir, some scum approach" one of his scouts reported.
"WE SHALL DESTROY THEM!!" the captain roared.
The goblins cheered, the troll would fight this time, whoever attacked them now would be defeated. 
His third victory approached, the dark lord would have to give him more credit.

Deep in Ithilien, Keresk raised his bow, and fired. The arrow smacked the target one hundred yards away. Things were all quiet, too quiet.
Messages came in weekly, bringing little hope; 
Nethar and the riders of Rohan would attack Cair Andros, with Corgoth in their way.
The Siege of Minas Tirith was broken. 
Mainz and Rathin continued to skirmish in the south, more to Mainz' favour.
He had received a special message though about Luthyre, he was on the move, some recruits would be needed. He had a fierce reputation, mostly in combat yet the dark lord spoke that he would strike soon, to ensure his title of second in command under Mainz."Lieutenant" came from behind, it was Flaneen."Luthyre has left Minas Morgul."
"Is that all scum?" Keresk tried to keep his position secure against his men, all of whom had similar standings. Rebellion was his fear.
"No, news of the rogue captain, who is still west of Osgiliath, but north of Pelargir."Still the same then." Keresk grunted. The corporal left, leaving the Lieutenant to ponder, even though orc weren't known for it.

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