Monday, 13 August 2012

Face off 2012 1st round Gondor Vs Dwarves

Team analysis: In comparison the dwarf warriors are too similar to the guards of the fountain court, with the only differences being in move rate and in courage. The last of which will not matter, but the dwarves have an extra two units and their hero has better fight and defence value, Faramir's bonuses are one more fight and fate points. In this battle the dwarves will be pressed to reach the battle, but could easily win it.

Setup: Two houses, two ruins, four trees, 6 walls(four large sections, four small segments), two rocks, one hill

Scenario: Take and hold

The board:

1st turn - Gondor
Three men and six dwarves arrive, the dwarf king,but not Faramir, is among them.

2nd turn - Gondor
Faramir, 2 other men and 2 dwarves also arrive. One moves to defend a wall, the other free ones attack some nearby dwarves.

The king and his dwarves just too far away

In the middle of no-where
The fights are but a battering of blades, no-one is killed.

3rd turn - Dwarves
The final members of the sides come into play.
The king engages the nearby guard allowing his followers to pursue to the top of the hill, one trips over but remains unscathed. Faramir charges the nearest dwarf, eager for an easy kill.

The king is pushed back by the guard, and the spear pierces the dwarf mail, only to find thin air. Faramir beats his opponent but cannot land any blows on him (-1fate dwarf king).

4th turn - Gondor
A guard charges the king, the fallen (over) dwarf, buying time for Faramir. Who gathers his supporters into a melee. Another guard plays hide-and-seek with the two dwarves on the hilltop.

Only the king manages a kill this turn, Faramir valiantly shoves the stunted back only to place his blows far off the mark, other fights are stale-mates (-1might Faramir)

5th turn - Gondor
Faramir and co. charge again. The king moves atop the hill.

Blood and guts fly around Faramir's guard, leaving two dwarves and a guard dead.

6th turn - Dwarves
One guard moves to aid the other guard playing hide-and-seek, aka Guard-and-seek. Faramir combats a dwarf to allow his move. The king runs towards Faramir.

Faramir fails to kill, Guard-and-seek losses his combat and falls to the dwarven axes.

7th turn - Gondor
the guards 'run' from the nearby dwarves. Faramir engages again, and the King manages to reach the base of the hill (rolled 4 on jump test).

Faramir shows his colours by dicing the enemy dwarf in careless fashion.

8th turn - Gondor
One guard continues to run from the stunned dwarves, the other defends the wall like a dwarf against the three enemies. Faramir and the King cross swords(and axe).

Catch-me catch-me if you can :)

The king draws the blood of Faramir, but too little to hinder him. The wall guard batters back his opponents but could not utilise the chink in the armour (-1fate Faramir)(-1might Dwarf king)

9th turn - Gondor
The leaders duel again. A dwarf moves to flank the guard defending the wall, and the run-away guard is caught and forced into combat.

Faramir wins and wounds the stout King. (-1might Faramir)

10th turn - Dwarves

The dwarf king gathers his nearest dwarf and charges the Gondorian. The wall-guard is flanked successfully. Finally the run-away guard is caught yet again. The dwarves only need a single kill, while the men need two to break them.

The king proves himself over Faramir, and thrusts his axe into the weakened captain. The wall-guard yields to the stout dwarven warriors. (-1fate Faramir, (failed) )

Leaving the Gondorians broken and the dwarves as the victor!

The score (18 - 4):
  • Dwarves = 10pts(winning scenario) + 5pts(breaking enemy force) + 3pts(killing enemy leader) = 18
  • Gondorians = 4pts(losing scenario) = 4
Sending the dwarves into the semis against either Rohan or the Haradrim. which will be up soon too.

Until then


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