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Face-off 2012 3rd place Mordor Vs Dwarves

Previous encounters:
The Mordorians had a great start to the games winning against the Easterlings 18-4, and having Shagrat killing Amdur!
The second encounter was with the goblins, who the orcs have always won against (4-2 and 8-3 in the Sbg tournament), this time they lost against them 18-4 being thoroughly whipped.

The dwarves had an easy first battle, with exception to the guards playing games,  winning 18-4 against Gondor. They had also killed Faramir by the king's hand.
The next battle was against the lucky Haradrim, who had crushed the Rohirrim 15-4. Again the Haradrim were lucky to ease through against the dwarves defeating every single model before turn 10!!

Both teams were favourites to get into the final, unfortunately they're going to fight over 3rd rather than 1st.

Team analysis: The Mordorians have an edge here, fight value, no. of might points, and move rate will play a key role. While the dwarves have the edge in fight value, the orcs have a greater number of models, an extra might point, and 1''/2cm more of movement per turn.

Setup: Two trees, two rocky outcrops, four walls and five objectives

Scenario: Domination

1st turn - Mordor
The initial move, leaves one orc tumbling over a wall with a lose brick in his skull. fortunately no-one else makes this mistake.

2nd turn - Dwarves
The main partitions of the enemy forces approach the well.

3rd turn - Mordor
Shagrat issues the charge, by the well and over the wall

Shagrat issues a heroic combat killing the enemy dwarf then engages the dwarf king, a fight the king kills the other fighting orc. (-2might Shagrat).

4th turn - Dwarves
Another round of attacks.

Clever orcs attack the king
The king shoves the orcs back, cleaving one in the process, then charges Shagrat, which he losses but no wounds are exchanged. (-2might Dwarf King)

5th turn - Mordor
The forces melee again.

Shagrat only manages one kill, and one other orc is killed.

6th turn - Mordor
The wall defending dwarves organise into defending objective and helping their kinsdwarf(?).

Shagrat gets one more kill, and another orc is downed. In the Dwarf King's fight he gets a four(maximum), which is fortunate since another kill would break the orcs, who would gain more objectives, and win.

7th turn - Dwarves
The king takes a chance if they could gain the upper-hand at the well, it would be now, orders his fellows into a simple battle plan.

Shagrat and the dwarf king duel, with the king proving his name, and splitting Shagrat with his axe, no fate could save him.

The 2:1 orcs pin the dwarf and smash through his armour with ease. This leaves the orcs to win if the battle ended now, two fights remained. The first goes to the orc, but no-one is harmed, the second goes to the dwarf, inspired by his king, beheading the enemy orc dwarf style (like a slice through the belly). The shot at the end of the round:

3 Dwarves and 3 orcs = all evens
The counting of objectives:

Two to the Dwarves

Two to the Orcs
And the well has all evens so...

The die has been cast.

And for those Latin viewers:
Alea iacta est

(sorry couldn't resist)

Meaning a dwarven victory at 3-2!!

Anyway the overall score is (21-6)

  • Dwarves = 3pts(objective no.) + 10pts(winning scenario) + 5pts(breaking enemy force) + 3pts(killing enemy leader) = 21
  • Mordor = 4pts(losing scenario) + 2pts(objective no.) = 6

So the dwarves clinch 3rd place (that was too close) and the Mordorians must settle for 4th place.

Next battle is the final:

Harad Vs Moria

Until then


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