Friday, 10 August 2012

Face off 2012 1st round Rohan Vs Harad

Team analysis: The leaders here are too similar, Theodred has one less fate, attack, wound and horse. But Suladan needs sixes to wound, compared to the fives of the horse master. In terms of the forces, the Haradrim are outmatched, although equipped with poisoned blades and fight value of 4, the Rohirrim all have throwing spears, additionally four are royal guard, needing sixes to wound(fives from Suladan). Also there are only 6 guard of Harad, compared to 7 guards from Rohan.

Setup: Seven trees, one ruin, one house, seven wall sections

Scenario: Meeting engagement

1st turn - Harad

The sides move towards each other

2nd turn - Rohan
Theodred orders his men into a defensive pattern near the wall sections, Suladan races to the southern board edge, leaving his guard to navigate the ruins nearby.

3rd turn - Rohan
The Haradrim engage the Rohan line, while other hide behind rocks. Suladan moves slightly closer but remains out of throwing range. 

Can't touch this!

No-one is killed in the first fight.

4th turn - Harad
Suladan seizes the moment, spurring his horse forward attacking three militia men. More northwards all of the Rohirrim are fighting in a combat.

Suladan slices his scimitar through two of his opponents, then races forwards to an engaged royal guard,(since Harad had priority he attacks Suladan alone), who he also kills. Theodred fares no better managing to push his attacker back twice killing him. The Haradrim manage to kill two of the royal guard. (-2might Suladan)(-1might Theodred).

Suladan's second onslaught

5th turn - Rohan
At the end of turn 4 things were looking like this:

very bleak for the Rohirrim, 6 verses 3...
Anyway the final royal guard gets a kill with his spear, his fellow warrior fails to unhorse or wound Suladan. 

The Haradrim respond like so...

Suladan knocks back his enemies with ease splicing one. Theodred almost fails using two might to win his combat, to then kill none of his opponents.

Thus leaving the Rohirrim ashamed losers, and the Haradrim the victors!!
Honestly a result I wasn't expecting, Rohan were better on paper, but the Haradrim got lucky :), Suladan almost got five kills in two turns.

the scores (15-4)

  • Harad = 10pts(winning scenario) + 5pts(breaking enemy force) = 15
  • Rohan = 4pts(losing scenario) = 4

Meaning they will face the dwarves in the semis.
But for next time the awaited Moria verses Mordor, a battle of numbers.

Until then


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