Friday, 17 August 2012

Face off 2012 semi-finals Dwarves Vs Harad

Team analysis: Both sides need to kill four enemy models in order to win (minimum). The dwarves have the disadvantage of moving at 5''/12cm per turn. although the Haradrim need to kill them, so it won't be such an issue. Also all Haradrim will need sixes to wound the dwarves(6/4+ for dwarf king, except for Suladan), compared to the fives(or fours in the case of the king) to wound, although the same was needed against the Rohirrim and they won. Suladan vs Dwarf king, the king has a greater defence and fight value, Suladan has an extra might, will, attack, wound and has a horse, which easily tips the scale in favour of the Harad lord.

Setup: seven trees, two ruins, four walls, one hill

Scenario: The high ground

The board:

1st turn - Harad
Suladan leads the initial move, however his horse stumbling at the base of the hill nearly catapulting him from his saddle, his horse regains his footing. (-1might Suladan)

2nd turn - Harad
Suladan slingshots around the trees, surprising the dwarves nearby, his guard hurry up trying to keep pace with the serpent lord. The king and followers jump atop of the hill, the king loses his balance for a second, then places his other foot on-top of the hill thus regaining it. He also sends a couple of dwarves to skirt the base of the hill. (-1might Dwarf king).

3rd turn - Harad
Suladan charges the two dwarves near him. Four guard form a wall preventing the dwarves passing in between the trees, others rush to fortify the slope. Leaving the king barely able to move.

Suladan knocks back his enemies with the body of his horse. this dents the dwarf armour, but leaves the wearer unharmed. by the trees, a guard is felled. And the slope is still fought over.

4th turn - Harad (again!!! )
the blockade at the trees is re-formed. Suladan changes his targets, and a guard covers him, only to be attacked by the king.

Suladan is pushed back from the steel hardened shields. The dwarf king fares better by killing the guard covering his Lordship. A dwarf is killed in the forest. (-1might dwarf king)

5th turn - Harad (getting bored)
Suladan manoeuvres around the little creatures to attack out of charge range of the king, *evil laugh* .
The dwarves attack to the full capacity in the trees.

Suladan kills the little pesky dwarves attacking the slope. Another dwarf succumbs to the poisoned blades of the serpent guard in the forest.

6th turn - Dwarves (Finally!)
Suladan is attacked en mass. the fighting in the woods remains much unchanged.

Although beaten the serpent lord remains unscathed, and one dwarf falls in the woods. Breaking the dwarven force!

7th turn - Harad
Suladan charges the dwarf warriors allowing his guard to trap another warrior and stall the king.

Suladan wins clearly, and slices away the flimsy dwarf armour around them. The king only manages a single kill. the final dwarf in the forest is killed.

Should have stayed underground!!
8th turn - Dwarves
The king cleverly engages the lord first, leaving the guard to attack him from behind.

He loses the fight, sustaining a single wound, and his fate failed him. (-1fate Dwarf king). 

The ninth turn went to the dwarf but he was cut down after being trapped. He took two wounds out of twelve dice rolled against him. Leaving the Haradrim as the victors yet again!!

The scores (18-4)
  • Harad = 10pts(winning scenario) + 5pts(breaking enemy force) +3pts(killing enemy leader) = 18
  • Dwarves = 4pts(losing scenario) = 4
So passes the last chance for Good to book a place in the final. Maybe there is some honour left in the right cause, a chance at third place maybe?

The next game is Dwarves Vs Mordor for the third place. Then the Final of the Face-off battles!

Until then


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