Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Author Drawn

A small time-out from the Face-off battles, and also because I wanted to add pictures to the blog :)

Here is some of the drawings that I have acquired over the past year in my as-level classes:

(btw I was working too)

Randomosity at it's strangest, still no idea what I was 
Now a sword inspired from feudalism II, the demonslayer 
or black curse(?) 
An egg from Dorset, the 450million year old one (pic below)

The design of a one-sided guard sword, hopefully more ergonomic
My favourite, a dwarven design sort of
Fairly obvious
Actually done in pen, not very well
An atom and two electrons, not scale drawn might I point out.
The second cutlass, the first got coffee stained so I traced another 
If you've read Artemis Fowl, this is my idea of how Opal's Shuttle 
would look like in Opal's Deception The one furtherest leftwards 
probably best describes it imo
Another one from Artemis Fowl, this time my idea of a Titanium pod
 despite not looking much like a tear-drop.
A cube, though not initially from Artemis Fowl
Dwarven designs(?) on a shield
My idea of the perfect phone, although I have one, Nokia C3
and not exactly perfect but hey
My first drawing last year, some sort of hovercar
The second drawing last year, boomerang for a reason?

That concludes my drawings last year

C&C welcome

Until then


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