Thursday, 16 August 2012

Face off 2012 semi-finals Goblins Vs Mordor

Team analysis: The goblins have greater numbers, and their prowlers could be able to neutralise the heavily armoured morannon orcs, however the normal goblins would be punching way above their weight to battle with them. The real contest is between Durburz and Shagrat, although Shagrat is a better fighter, Durburz has his Iron will rule to keep his minions, plus an extra fate and will point.

Setup: four trees, two ruins, one rock, two houses, seven walls

Scenario: To Kill a King

The board:

1st turn - Moria
The forces move forth.

2nd turn - Mordor
Shagrat and co. moves further forward. Durburz barks at some prowlers to flank the oncoming orcs.

3rd turn - Moria
"nearly there master" says prowler. The enemies eye up the opposition.

The enemy is in range

One of the knifes glides through the air hits an orc in the throat.

And I hit on a 4+ :P
4th turn - Mordor
Shagrat orders the morannon warriors forward. Others to attack the prowlers trying to flank them.

Durburz punches his enemy orc hard leaving him motionless on the floor. two more orcs fall prey to the goblin blades.

5th turn - Moria
The prowlers flank to bite into the orc lines. Another orc is caught by a throwing knife of the goblins.

Shagrat and Durburz both call heroic combats, the first goes to the orc hitting the goblin king twice venomously, one however fails to pierce the scale armour. this enrages Durburz causing a trio of blows onto Shagrat. Ending him, seeing their leader fall, the orcs fight to the last. Three more are killed with multiple injuries. One orc takes the only goblin casualty of the game. (-2might, -1 fate(successful) Shagrat)(-1might, -2 fate(1 successful) Durburz)

Eat that Goblin scum!
Not before this!!

He never stood much of a chance :(
Leaving the Mordorians knocked completely out!!
Well not completely, but...

The scores (18-4)

  • Moria = 10pts(winning scenario) + 3pts(Killing enemy leader) + 5pts(breaking enemy force) = 18
  • Mordor = 4pts(losing scenario) = 4

So the Goblins progress to the final, and the orcs may regain some pride if they win the runners-up battle.

Next time is Dwarves Vs Harad

Until then


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