Friday, 24 August 2012

Face-off 2012 Final Moria Vs Harad

Previous encounters:
The goblins have had a laid-back couple of battles, facing the elves, an initially tough battle but once all the goblins had arrived it concluded pretty quickly to a score of 22-7.
The next battle was against the orcs, previous battles suggested what was going to happen, but with some slow manoeuvring the orcs crumpled like paper under the prowler's axes, for a victory of 18-4.

The Haradrim have been very lucky considering their opponents. The Rohirrim should have out-thrown them, picketing them with throwing spears. but only one spear found it's mark and to little avail. the horse-lords were beaten 15-4.
The other encounter was against the armoured dwarves, outnumbered and outmatched they managed to trap and slaughter all of them by the end of the 9th turn, and the Dwarf king killed by the Serpent lord.

Team analysis: the goblins have a major advantage in numbers 2:1. However the south-men have a fight value advantage, although their defence may not hold against twice their number. Suladan will own Durburz on  six days of the seven day week. due to his extra attack,wound, better fight value and twice the move rate. the only advantage Durburz has is one more fate point.

Setup: Seven trees, two ruins, one rocky outcrop, three houses, four walls

Scenario: To Kill a King

1st turn - Goblins
Both leaders order their warriors forward

Move and Flank maggots!!!

2nd turn - Harad
Suladan trots behind the building, preventing a throwing weapon onslaught. 

Goblin #1"Is there a guy hiding behind that house?"
3rd turn - Harad
Suladan goes for gold charging into the swarm of goblins. His guard hasten to aid him but are unable to.

Durburz and another goblin join the fight hoping for an early wound(s).

Still flanking
The serpent lord fends off the attacks, then slices a prowlers and ending the motion cleaving off Durburz's head!! (-1might Suladan)(-3might,-2fate Durburz)

Nearby one of his guard is cut down, He engages the goblins responsible, squishing them against the house.

In one turn Suladan killed five goblins, one of which was the king of goblins. using a single might point. This is what the field looked like after that turn of fighting.

Normally that would be it, but Suladan killed five in one turn, how much more could he do?

4th turn - Goblins
Suladan calls a heroic move.

More flanking
The serpent lord Slams into the goblins, squashing the three he was in combat with. His guard fail to kill one.

Anyway the Haradrim were victorious regardless, whether by luck or sheer brilliance they are the Champions!!
By a score of (17-4)

  • Harad = 10pts(winning scenario) +5pts(killing enemy leader) + 2pts(killing five enemies in two turns) = 17
  • Moria = 4pts(losing scenario) = 4

Suladan managed eight of the nine kills of the battle, in total though he killed 14 enemies in three games easily securing the title of the Man of the Tournament.

Anyway next time will probably be painting so,

Until then


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